Goudia Night?

Last night may as well have been called “Goudia Night” because that’s certainly what it felt like. The troubador got into a Runnyeye 2.0 group for once – I’d never been there with her. In fact, it’s rare I go anywhere with her because no one wants a troub along for anything other then raids. Just call us the opposite of the Shadowknight, where they’re wanted just fine in groups but not for raids. It’s a plight many of us troubadors know all too well. I had picked up a few pretties along the way lately, and changed my aa’s around quite a bit, opting for more of a raid set up. I dropped the AoE avoidance line and instead went fully down the shield blocking line – which also meant I had to get a shield. Thankfully, there’s a very nice faction sold one in Jinsk. Anyhow, I’m sitting at 52% double attack, a lot more melee crit, 54% haste, some dps, 700 str 600 int 500 agi and 400 stam – roughly. No, I don’t forget that troubadors are mostly casters – but with RoK we seem to be more of a hybrid then ever. I have roughly 500+ spell dmg as well as +CA dmg. It’s been hard to find a balance but my dps was fantastic last night. At least, I think it was, I’m not raid geared and the folks I was with were, so it was hard to tell. I don’t have my epic yet. Need to get working on that, again. There’s just one clicky in Chardok* that eludes me past the blue portal.

Anyhow. Last night. No deaths until the final mob, and the only death there was me. Our ONE dps went LD during the fight and even though we had an enchanter at times that enchanter had to dps (since again we had none) and a mob would break free and chew on my tail. Our group make up was templar, mystic, shadowknight, ranger, coercer, and myself as bardling. None of the fabled cloaks dropped, but by the end of the night I hardly cared, I certainly walked away a winner. Which I knew ahead of time that I would, the only things I see of value that drop in RE are for mages and scouts. I ended up getting four upgrades from drops alone, and another one I passed on. If I hadn’t of rolled on the stuff, they’d have been transmuted, so I stopped feeling bad after the second roll. I upgraded an earring, a belt, a breastplate, and forearms. Then with the legendary quest rewards I upgraded legs, and hat. Couldn’t complain. I’d also gotten my 133rd aa which was very nice.

Before that instance I worked on carpentry some – but I’m trying to hold off until after 6pm today so that I can take advantage (again) of the double experience bonus. I also managed to ding the monk to level 35 and decided she needed gear – again. So I dropped a lot of money on the twink (again). The screen shot above is her wearing the level 37 adept blood hide gear that is player crafted with materials from DFC – not too bad eh? I just need two more levels to be able to wear the stuff. Kasul came with and we tore up RoV with him mentored, even though he ended up dying by the end and not exactly in a brave way. Apparently his disarm trap is quite low, and the master chests that drop in RoV are quite painful. He was taken down to low health in one swipe and then Varsoon decided to activate while he stood there, and chewed on him some. He was there for a HQ update – and did manage to get it anyhow, dead from the floor.


It was still a lot of fun.

Short term goals (or maybe long term depending on where things take me) – are to work on the troubador epic. There’s one clicky in Chardok* that I just can’t seem to manage even though the walk through has told me with patience it can be solo’d. I don’t have the faintest idea how. I do have feign death, and maybe that can help me. I’d also of course like to hit 60 carpenter on Silhouette. If for no other reason then to be out of this REALLY EXPENSIVE crafting tier. Of course more weaponsmith levels on Goudia is equally important. Doing a few more HQ (Nostalgia 2.0 is very close to 17!) is high up there as well, and just over all having a great time!

Bonus exp starts again today at 6pm EST and runs until 1pm EST on Monday. Thanks again to Kasul for tipping me off in his recent post. Hope everyone gets to take advantage of it!

5 Responses to Goudia Night?

  1. Borgio says:

    Yay for bonus exp being put on again. I missed the last lot but now I have a three day weekend to take advantage!

    Also still couldnt post from work!

  2. Kasul says:

    Disarm sucks :( but the chest was just so shiny!
    That gi really does look good on the fae… with dark elf illusion on me it was all bare chest, red pants… pretty hot ;)
    Vlcan and I missed you after you went away so quickly last night, hope everything was alright.

  3. Malf says:

    EEEE!! I’m posting!!! Wow! It works! I’m on IEXploder at home, so maybe something you tweak DID work! I’ll check at work on Monday.

    Anywho, thanks for the tip on double xp! I’m dragging out my carpenter tonight then also! I need to get his levels up for the same reasons you do! Yay!!! Looks like you are having all sorts of fun in game this week!

  4. stargrace says:

    Fixed to chardok not chelsith! That’s what happens when I post at 6am lol

  5. Tipa says:

    That last clicky in *Chardok* is a bitch. You will have to be very good on the mezzing and the positioning. Probably best thing to do is to charm a golem and send it in to the room, then get the click before charm breaks and you die. If charm doesn’t work, you die instantly.

    After trying it solo, I brought a group.

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