Little Warm In Here

Yesterday was the fourth of July, naturally a lot of my friends were around. The day started off simple enough, Said’s guardian joined up with my defiler, and with an 80 shadowknight mentoring I boxed and took us through Fallen Gate. The zone was practically empty for once, and though we didn’t get a lot of drops, we both got 4-5 levels in a relatively short amount of time. Now I just need to gear the character up some, as at level 26 she’s still not really wearing any gear. Something tells me that makes it a little harder to heal.

Once we’d gotten some levels, I decided to work on the carpenter -and dinged 60! Only twenty more levels to go. Supplies were slightly cheaper for T7 then they were for T6, but I spent a good portion of time harvesting in empty zones to stock up. No doubt I will need even more supplies before this tier is up, but hey it’s a start.

Randomly I decided to work on some grey quests I had in my journal, and thus I completed the stein heritage quest that I’d had kicking around forever. The quest has changed slightly as well – and I dislike it. The four bouncers you need no longer have place holders, and are static spawns in the Feerrote. Another change to a heritage quest is that the x2 epic skeleton in CoD (Cove of Decay) is now just heroic, and they finally removed the access required to CoD -it was one of the very few old world zones that still required access.

No doubt next Rahotep will be made heroic instead of epic, if he hasn’t already.

With the HQ out of the way, I decided to follow in Malfi’s footsteps, and work on the claymore chain. The coercer (who is a character I enjoy far more then most of my characters) is still 17aa short of “complete” and since grey quests now give aa, it’s perfect. One of the first things I had to do though was get the Druzaic language completed – I know, I have slacked horribly with this character. I also need to do speak as a dragon but I’m prolonging that one for as long as humanly possible.

So it was that I stood for 30-45 minutes at four location waiting for a clicky to show up for my updates. I KNEW if I moved over to the other zone (the clickies are up in one of two locations) that they’d move over while I was in transition and I’d miss them. That’s just my luck.

I giggled out loud when Silhouette got discovery outside the doors to SoS. I’d figured it was a fluke.

Then I went inside, and got discovery in the main room. I picked up the quest at the entrance because the 2nd of the chain gives a house item, and a few other quests I found along the way. The zone is grey to me, or at least everything I’ve encountered so far is, and I managed to get myself an aa and a half from the various quests I worked on.

It was actually a lot of fun, much like working on the peacock chain of quests ‘just because’. I doubt I will ever get a Deathtoll raid any more in order to complete this quest chain, but perhaps a little while down the road people will be doing it for fun, and I’ll get a chance to tag along then. We’ll see how it goes.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day, and I felt like I got a lot done.

Oh, and lets not forget the two instances Kasul and I went and did. We headed to the Mines of Meldrath, as well as The Hidden Cache, mostly for aa and hopefully a little experience as well. No deaths, and no real good loot aside from one upgrade for Kasul at the end of Mines, but it was still a lot of fun.

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