Not a Clue

Yesterday was one of those days where I just had no idea what I wanted to do, so I did a little bit of everything. I worked on crafting on a tiny bit, and then realized later I should have taken advantage of that double experience a little more. I’d like to get a level or two, we’ll see if that happens today. I did make Kasul some sales crates, which are always handy.

After the little bit of crafting, I thought about working on the warden epic again. Then I remembered what portion I’m on. I need to travel to the lab in Sebilis, which is deep down inside and while it’s not that difficult, it does require more then just myself and a shadowknight. I really need to make some dps friends on Najena, it’s the one thing I’m always lacking in a group. I’d play my healers a lot more if I had dps around – the shadowknight is one of those classes that pretty much insists on always having power regen because their class just doesn’t function well without it, they’re power hogs – so I typically play a bard or coercer / illusionist and for a lot of the content we make due without a healer at all. Anyhow, the other portion to the epic is Chardok, which is far worse then Sebilis and requires a group and a mezzer would be fantastic too. Need to kill some Arch Magus guys way in the back close to the Queen, past the red portal.

This would ALMOST be duoable – except after the blue portal assassins like to drop from the skies and they hurt real bad and typically show up right when you’re already fighting an encounter or two.

So I logged off of the warden slightly disheartened and logged onto Stargrace, the illusionist. Who’s been sitting at level 76 for quite some time now, having already grinded a few characters to level 80 and not having the stamina to do another. She’s a level 80 provisioner and I was interested in getting the 30k faction she requires with Bathezid, Rilis, and Danak so that she can get the special provisioner recipes. I managed to get Rilis done, and half of Bathezid. Danak is on the block for another day. She also managed to get 50% into her level which was nice. Of course doing RoK quests with her is quite easy – she’s a caster and has plenty of dps. The templar on the other hand, who is sadly only level 74, will be lucky if she ever levels. Unless by some miracle I find some dps leveling up through the content as well. Perhaps when Kasul reaches that tier I can tag along with him.

Also discovered that there is a blue shiny collection in the mines of Nurga, rings, that I’d never seen before. The rings go on the broker from 2-7p each (there are 6) and I don’t have the faintest idea what the reward for this collection is. I have three of the rings so far, and I’m going to try to get the rest. Fighting in the mines is no big deal, but it’s boring.

Nostalgia was the busiest I’ve ever seen it, Tipa was on with her assassin most of the evening working on the Tempest Storm quests, getting a new outfit of armor. Kasul logged in after work, Mayadhros was on between some real life things, and Vlcan popped on for a while. Said was also there, it was so nice to see everyone. The guild also reached level 18! We’ve two more to go for more bank slots and bigger benefits. I’d like to see us pushing to 30, but we’ll take it slowly (as we have been). Kasul and myself broke the 100k mark on guild status, which is something I’ve actually never done in any guild – I’ve never found a home to stay in long enough to accumulate that much guild status. I know, silly, but I’m quite proud.

The food and drink business on Najena is doing fantastic, I put a few stacks of T8 stuff for sale yesterday with Stargrace and it all sold by noon. Of course the supplies are also very expensive right now, so I’ll have to do some harvesting. I need tea leaves in specific. I suppose that’ll get added to the list of ‘things to do some time’.. for now, it’s off to get some groceries (in real life, silly).

Safe Travels!

2 Responses to Not a Clue

  1. Crookshankz says:

    You know Stargrace, I’ve got an 80 Conj/SK and my wife has 80 Fury/Necro. Working furiously on my Troubie who’s now 71. But, if you need some help with anything, make sure you let me know :-)

  2. Kasul says:

    I know Ogrebear was saying recently that having a max level provisioner was like having a platinum generator… maybe it wasn’t exactly that but still. You seem to have alot of luck in the market with everything that you sell!

    I wish I were high level so that I could pal around with you and Shadowgeist in the high level instances you go to, and it’s coming slowly. Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll be 65 and can finally jump into the Kunark expansion proper.

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