Two MORE Crafters?!

That’s right, even with all of my alts, I was missing two crafters. One, being an armorer. I do have a 38 brigand who used to be my armorer, but she’s on another account, on another server (which I’ve closed) so that’s no good. I was also missing a tailor – also on another account, another server. So Melisand, my (now) 32 defiler is shaping up to be an armorer. Got level 20 with her before the servers came down for their daily update. Ysandria the monk, will be the tailor. That leaves me with two characters on another server (and there they’ll sit until SOE lets me move them for free, I’ve already paid way too much to move characters around) and the rest on Najena.

80 Jeweler, 80 Provisioner, 80 Sage (Antonia Bayle), 73 Woodworker, 64 Alchemist (Antonia Bayle), 62 Weaponsmith, 61 Carpenter, 20 Armorer, 20 Tailor.

Why bother having all 9? Well, for one it’s great to be able to make my own gear for all the alts I have. It’s also great to be able to make stuff for friends. I have a transmuter, so being able to make adornments myself without having to pay exceptionally high prices is also nice. I enjoy being self sufficient, and lets face it I’m just a little crazy (that’s right, I said a LITTLE).

Crafting is an easy goal, and a lot of fun – but there’s one significant difference on Najena compared to Antonia Bayle. AB is an RP server and there are PLENTY of people with lower level alts. I used to make most of my money from selling things below level 50 actually. Najena is the opposite. The majority of players are higher level, and higher level things sell far better (ie: food and dring that I’ve been selling at an astounding rate). So as far as sales are concerned, I have to find a niche market again in order to make a significant amount of coin. Granted, running characters through the RoK content 71-80 guarantees massive amounts of coin simply because rewards grant you large sums.

I didn’t play any Vanguard over the weekend – but no worries, I’m still playing it along with EQ2. I hope all my American friends had a wonderful 4th of July, and everyone just had a fantastic weekend in general.

2 Responses to Two MORE Crafters?!

  1. stargrace says:

    Or, you can move to Najena and play with people in your time zone Mythokia! *grins*

  2. Mythokia says:

    Don’t kidnap the remainder of your characters over too! I need someone to rule over here in Torrent Knights! Oh, and we only need 17% more to level up. Hurray!

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