It was a Goud(i)a Day

Was a long day, yis yis! See these nails here? They used to be all shiny, oh so very shiny. I used to polish them and made sure that no dirt ever got near them. Needed to, you see, to play the music songs that people love. Can’t play that music with messy fingers, on noes. I had to dig dig dig for these other shiny. Ten of them. The first five was not so bad, I was persistent, but then my stamina started to wane. So I went home for a bit, I buried what I found under the front steps.

I thought maybe when I sleep that the guards would come along and they would sees it, but they did not! Bright and early I got up the next day, and mourned over the dirty fingernails again. Not too much longer now though, I knew I was almost done.

Tap tap tap went my little hammer, and then I scrambled to dig the gems out of the rocks. T’is hard work you know, some folks they came by to see me toiling but I was not allowed to have any help. I was so strong and brave. I tried to scare some critters away, I thought maybe they wanted to steals my shiny! That could not happen, not when I was so close.

I lost track of the hours that went by, but the shadows started moving along the ground while I worked. Thank Bristlebane I has fur! I have no worries of sunburns.

By the time all was said and done, I had 2,500 loams, 2,646 metal, 11 spongy loam, and yis yis, even my 10 xegonite. It is over, finally. In total it took me 7 hours of ruining my nails to gather everything I needed. Now I can finally feed that flame, and then see what happens next, I move on to bigger shiny! That’s always the way it works, t’is never completely done, there’s always something to move on to.

That is very good though, hmms? It keeps me out of people’s pockets. Not that I go there often, no, only when I am trying to put something back that has fallen out. What do you mean it didn’t fall out? Ohs, you must have not seen it like I did, I have wonderful eyes. Can see little specks from so far away. I assure you, that was there when I found it. It looked exactly like that…

2 Responses to It was a Goud(i)a Day

  1. martin says:

    Nice post….thats some patience tho id of given up long before that lol:)

  2. Kasul says:

    Congrats Goudia… sorry your nails had to pay the price for getting an epic shiny reward :-\

    I know this great little nail salon in the Big Bend, as long as you don’t mind the troll smell and the muddy ogre footprints :-X

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