QoTW: Planting and Plundering

*Note: QoTW means Quest of The Week – it was a weekly post I’ve started in the past but never managed to stick with it. Maybe this time it’ll last more then two weeks*

Those dwarves at Fort Irontoe need your help (again) and yes you’re the only one who can help them! If you’re one of those people who love to work their faction up, then you’ll love these quests. Goudia is 80 and they’re grey to her now, I never had an opportunity to complete the quests when they were coloured to her. It’s a level 60 heroic quest, that first sends you to pick up some traps at the Arms Hall of Fort Irontoe, and then sends you off to Kaladim to place those traps and collect some fur – as well as collect two whips from the Frothbark Whipcrackers (who I am still waiting on right now. Instead of the Whipcrackers spawning I keep getting the named, I hope that’s not a pattern).

Having faction is always a good thing. This quest also opens up another one with other rewards. I’m not sure what the ringlet from the quest does quite yet, but I’m looking forward to figuring it out!

The only down side to this quest (or perhaps just downside in general) is that Kaladim is completely empty. While I do enjoy having an entire zone to myelf, it wasn’t that long that it was just packed with people working on their soulfire updates. I dislike content that you can “out level” or that can become “useless” to a player. In EQ1 (and a few other mmo’s) the content can at least sort of stay fresh because mobs don’t grey out. Quests don’t become trivial to you. You can be taken down by a massive swarm of level 5’s if you’re not careful.

Oh, and yes, for this quest Goudia broke out the little Christmas hat. Doesn’t she look stunning?

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