Then and Now

Just for fun, I searched through my site to see what was going on almost two years ago today in game. I had this post here, about my new necromancer, Willamina. In the two years since I made that post, Willamina moved from Najena where I created her, over to Antonia Bayle, and just yesterday or so, moved back to Najena. Creepy. She’s also hit level 80 as a sage – but never made it above 58 so far as a necromancer. The other characters mentioned in the post, Calicia has been deleted – and Ricotta? Well that’s Goudia. Who is of course no longer a dirge, or a jeweler, but an 80 troubador, and a 62 weaponsmith.

It’s amusing to see how things have changed – but in the end they’ve also stayed the same. Particularly this quote, “I envy those who can create one character, or even two, and stick with them for so long without a break. I’ve never been like that, even on EQ1 I had a plethora of alts that I would randomly log on to play. I wish I could settle.” Which I ended up giving up on.

Just last year, there was this post. Misako has since been deleted, she stayed on the same server, but moved accounts which I decided to deactivate when I got station access. I believe she’s 72 now though. I created another defiler recently to make up for the loss of that one. Of course I still talk about housing just as much as I ever did. Friends have changed slightly, as have guilds since that was me on Antonia Bayle and not Najena. The game has stayed the same though.

I enjoy reading through the older posts. I’ve been writing here for so long now. I had multiple blogs before this one hosted on wordpress, but never managed to stick with them. I like to think that for the most part I keep MmoQuests a possitive blog – specifically because there are more then enough people ranting and raving and griping about all of the bad aspects of mmo’s out there. That’s not to say I ignore the parts I dislike. There’s just no reason for me to go on and on about them though unless it’s “one of those days” and it’s something that really gets under my skin. I think some times bloggers forget just how much influence they have over their readers – and that badmouthing a game over and over will eventually get to other people. In my methods I prefer to speak as highly about the game as possible – and if the reader chooses to play they can form their own decisions and memories while playing. If they don’t play, how will they ever know if THEY enjoy the game since every play experience is different.

With the griping on forums, and other forms of media, there’s just no reason for it here.

Last night I was unfortunately busy with other non game related things, and didn’t get to play too much. Checking sales though and wow are the provisioner items selling like hotcakes. I’ve decided to write down what I sell out of each time I check the market, so that I can restock on those specific items. I’ve always been keen on keeping track of things like that.

I also logged into EQ1 to do some Nostalgia guild invites, since no one else was around. Welcome to those new members (and alts of course!) I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

4 Responses to Then and Now

  1. Vlcan says:

    Is there a place to go to look at this info? (guilds who have cleared VP).
    I am curious as to how all the servers look.
    I had to google VP I didn’t know what it meant. Still learning the EQ2 lingo and good websites for info.

  2. stargrace says:

    AB and Najena are two very different servers with a lot of similarities.

    If you play lowbies a lot, and enjoy taking the game at a slower pace, enjoy Nostalgic romps through old world zones — AB is the server for you. They’ve got a HUGE player population — but not nearly as much as Najena does end game. Najena currently has 10 guilds who have cleared VP. AB has 3.

    AB is very casual, very friendly. Najena has it’s harsh moments. AB is VERY drama intense. If you’re not fond of drama, then you may want to avoid this server.

    All in all, both are fantastic places to be. I love them both. I moved back to Najena to be with friends, but yes, I do miss AB.

  3. Lars says:

    How would you compare AB and Najena? I’ve considered moving from Najena to AB in the past, but I missed the free move (wasn’t playing at the time). Plus, I do like my Najena guild, even though it has shrunk a lot smaller than I would like. I did roll a few alts on AB, and it seems a lot more active at lower levels than Najena, but I’m a very casual player so they remain in their low 20s while I focus on my Naj toons and I don’t know how things compare past that tier.

  4. Kasul says:

    This is why everyone should keep a blog! How else can you reminisce about the good (and not so good) old days.

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