Plains of Anguish

It was time to get out of the sand, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Growlius and Faydai (dread knight and blood mage) have been in Qalia for the past few levels working on quests. After all that bright blinding sand (and it’s not any fun having that grind against plate armor, or so Growlius complained) it was time to head some place darker. Some place spooky. There’s only one place that came right to mind when we thought of that.

It was time to head to Plains of Anguish.

PoA is located on the North Western section of Thestra. It’s dark, rains practically all of the time, and there are always scarey things poking through the woods. After grabbing a rift, we wandered around.

The starting area of this is such a nice change from Qalia. We picked up 14 quests, and I was pleased to see that this quest hub had a banker, exchange (broker), and general goods all relatively close to one another.

Once we’d taken care of the basics, we set off to find undead to smush. Not difficult, they’re all over. Even the quest givers were some form of undead. I admit now, that I know absolutely zero lore about this chunk. I don’t have any idea why I’m smushing undead, because yesterday was about levels and not about actually reading the quests – which was fine by me.

Blood mage and dread knight are a fantastic combination. We were taking down three dots and four dot adds our level (and higher) with relative ease. It helps (a great deal) that blood mages basically have an endless supply of power to heal with – so long as we’re not being hit.

We managed to clear out a lot of quests – even though we’re not the fastest of killers, it was a lot of fun. Just being out of that sand meant so much. It was a refreshing change of pace. There were plenty of people around in other groups and duo’s also working on their PoA quests, which was nice to see. The regionsay channel was alive and well as always, and the craft channel too. I haven’t started looking for a new guild yet – but I will eventually, as it’s getting lonely not being in one. For some reason my UI is completely missing the guild tab, and I’ll have to look into that (and perhaps install the default socials window to get it to work). Dang I hate all that technical stuff.

On a side note, I downloaded Daz Studio, and Victoria4.2 (base) and I’ve been playing around some with that. I know absolutely NOTHING about the program though and it’s going PAINFULLY slow while I try to teach myself. I am not a computer person, at all. So if there’s any Daz Studio guru’s reading this, please drop me a line!

Anyhow – by the time all was said and done, Growlius and I reached level 41, and 30% or so into it. Fantastic! I also managed to complete one of the MEST collections, though I haven’t turned it in because it’s so far out of the way. I’ll start on that tomorrow or later today maybe.

I hope everyone else’ weekends are going just wonderful!

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  1. Johaocarl says:

    Ok, some lore:

    Old Targonor was overrun by undeads. Look at map and see that PoA is near OT. Really big undeads at OT. and lots of undeads at the areas around OT.

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