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Every morning (typically) when I wake up, I log into EQ2 and like some sort of wierd tradition I log Stargrace in to see how sales have gone and replenish her food and drinks for sale. For the last week or so without fail she’s been sold out, every day. Now granted, I don’t make a great deal to put up for sale at one time, I make a stack of 20 of three specific types, each of them the special recipes you get with faction from RoK.

The recipes cost me 75s to make one, and as you can see, I sell them for 4g each. Cheaper then the next person by 1g. I could probably also sell them at 5g each but I think that 4g is just right for these 30 minute food and drinks. Oh, that’s right. They don’t last nearly as long as the ‘other stuff’.

So why the mark up in price? Aside from the obvious factor – the work I went through to get the faction, there’s the quality of the food itself. This food that’s selling out every day is mostly the +2% parry food. It’s either a 2% parry base, or 2% parry + 16str or 16stam. Great for those tanks out there.

I do check to see if anyone is reselling the food and drink as well, though it wouldn’t bother me if they did, I still made a huge profit where as they’d be making 1g profit if that. Sure, 1g is 1g, but there’s far better ways to make money out there.

After creating so many new alts (defiler, and monk) and spending roughly 30p between them for gear and levels (via collections) it only took me a week to make that back – from food products alone and from Goudia’s two days of harvesting. Transfer that into something worth while that makes coin, such as farming the named in Jarsath wastes who have a chance to drop legendary chests (and if you’re really lucky you’ll get trooper scale boots, which still sell easily for 50p here on Najena) and you can quickly see how making coin in EQ2 (end game at least) is really simple. Not to mention the trash that each mob drops sells for roughly 20g (we’re talking the set pieces of armor that no one wears).

Still doesn’t mean I’m going to spend 100p on a master, but hey, it’s fun.

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  1. Kasul says:

    See, Ogrebear was onto something with this provisioner thing!

    You’re probably right though, adventuring is still more lucrative.

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