Lesser Faydark Adventures

With Kasul back in town, and Vlcan, and Mayadhros around, the guild was busy as ever last night. It was great to see. We’re a smidge away from level 19, and then it’s only one more level to go before we hit 20 and get those extra bank slots. I managed to grind my way to level 64 carpenter on Silhouette – and I do mean grind. The past few levels she’s only gotten three recipes each level, and they’re really ugly house items that I know I’ll never use, which makes it harder for me to feel inspired to level. I’m inching my way to level 70 though which is when I can start making the REALLY nice stuff, as well as the faction based recipes. I’m looking forward to it.

So anyhow, last night Kasul was off to Lesser Faydark to do a bit of leveling, and of course I asked if I could tag along with Misako, the 58 necromancer (since we’re both the same level). I had never even taken her to the zone before. My necromancer is an old character, and she was created before aa were released. While Kasul has edged past his 80th, Misako is barely into her low 40’s. I respec’d her to a tank pet line which seemed to work out pretty well. Though I did end up getting Kasul killed once, we had a named and two other fairy things on us that knocked him around pretty good. The fantastic things about necromancers though is that we can feign death (I did, in order to let my pet finish off the encounter) and we can also rez. Just doing the few quests around the shadowman area, and the greater faydark entrance, brought me to 60% experience. I was starting to feel tired, so we called it a night. I headed to East Freeport where I did a few cheap quick collections that dinged me the remainder I needed, and Misako is sitting comfortably at level 59 now. Won’t be too long before I’m smacking vampires around in New Tunaria.

Earlier on in the evening Growlius and I headed into Vanguard to kill more undead, but my heart just wasn’t into it and so after half way completing some quests we had, we called it early and we’ll pick it up another time. Not a big deal, just some times you don’t feel like playing a particular game that night. It happens!

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