Adventures? We’ve got Those!

Screen shot is of the (neglected lately) monk, Ysandria, exploring through Steamfont. Since I spent her lower levels powerleveling her, skills were at an all time low. Having 85/185 deflection is not a good thing especially when those solo blue con mobs are eating you to little shreds. So for a little portion of the evening last night I worked on fixing that. I still have a ways to go yet, but for now Ysandria is not too bad. Along the way I also managed to ding level 38, and finished off a few quests for Steamfont that required me to kill random Kobold, Spiders, Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my). Ok maybe not those last few, but it was fun none the less.

Kasul and I headed to Vault of Dust, as well as Scornfeathers Roost, both located in the Clefts of Rujark. It was a lot of fun, even though nothing of any note dropped. Kasul (as I spotted this morning) hit level 60, and is climbing steadily. I’m eager to team him up with Petites (my templar) so that he can do all the work while I sit and relax and get her some levels.

Last night Shadowgeist took a small group into KC for some epic updates, I tagged along with (also neglected) Stargrace, who finished off her quest to kill the named in the basement, and got herself some shoulder upgrades. She’s close to hitting 77, and I suppose maybe one day I should finish that off. Especially since she is a dps class and can do it with relative ease. Where as the templar… well. It’s slow. I’ve mentioned that I’m sure (as has everyone else).

I’m thinking of betraying the monk to a bruiser, apparently they’re better on the solo front, which is exactly what I have this character for. It’s not like I couldn’t switch back to a monk at a later date if I choose.

This week is busy with family stuff, so I won’t be around for portions of it, but should still find some time here and there. Next weekend is family stuff again, with random bits of real life interjecting here and there. I’m already eager for winter, and for this heat to end. Yesterday we got some wicked thunderstorms – too bad I’m mighty afraid of storms.

On the crafting front, Silhouette hit level 66 carpenter. I managed to grind out a few more levels before running completely out of vitality and calling it a day. Nostalgia also hit level 19, and a little portion into it. We’re inching up on 20 slowly but surely, and last but not least, there was an apparent Calreth sighting, but that may have been a halucination. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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