Figuring out the Vanguard Racial Mounts

Since I wasn’t in game when these mounts were implimented, I’ve been scatter brained trying to figure this stuff out. Thankfully, there’s some wonderful resources on the web. Lets start first with this site here, they explain to you the steps you have to take in order to start working on getting a racial mount.

Visit the related city-faction registrar and apply to work for their city. Doing this you’ll be handed out a Kamelott Inc.+diplo-necklace, which you have to equip in order to loot socalled faction-coins. You do not need the ring to do this.

This should work at regular combat as long you

1) gain xp for the kills AND

2) you equip the necklace.

The coins will not be shown in the loot-window, but directly appear in your inventory. For the start you receive as well platin-coin for the faction you chosed. So far known copper-, silver- and gold-coins stack to a kinda additional currency meant  to buy faction with.  The platin-coins come as lucky loot out of boss-mobs only and should be saved in  order to later buy the mount.

For the racial mount you’ll need both:
+ a certain amount of faction points (rumors say 13k)
+ 50 platin-coins to buy the lvl 30 version of your racial mount
+ 100 platin-coins to buy the lvl 50 version of your racial mount

if you bought the lvl-30-mount you’ll pay only 100 platin for the lvl-50 ones”

Ok. That seems easy enough. So you’ll want to start getting faction towards a mount as soon as possible, and you’ll want to try to earn these platinum coins in order to purchase the mount. Vanguard has done a nice thing by bringing back KoS to cities through working on these faction mounts. You can also switch city factions, and go after whichever mount you’d like.

So what are those mounts? Well, further searching lead me to this site here. They have a very comprehensive site on where you can find the mounts, what the mounts look like, and oh yes did I mention WHERE you can find the mounts? This was the one thing I couldn’t figure out as I ran around Tanvu. Turns out I wasn’t looking in the right place.

So, all those ancient coins you’re getting from MEST quest rewards? You take them to a city registar, and they will exchange them for platinum coins. Those coins are used towards purchasing your mount. Sounds simple enough. Oh, except for the exceptionally long grind of purchasing those mounts.

As of now, I’ve managed to get Faydai started on her Tanvu faction. I believe she’s a half elf but I could be wrong it’s been so long, and she’ll be (eventually) riding around on a battle turtle. Or something. My thanks to both wonderful sites in explaining all of this! It’s some very handy information.

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