Bloodline Chronicles

When SOE implemented the mini expansion packs that would come out mid way through the year (for a fee of $5) a lot of people were upset. Why are we paying for extra content was the cry from the general public. With the latest expansion, each of these adventure packs were included (for those who did not purchase them) and one of the best ones there aside from Fallen Dynasty (which is my number one favorite) is the Bloodline Chronicles which pits you against vampires and badies in the low 30’s to high 40’s range through a series of 11 quests.

The zones may seem drab after all this time, but the rewards are fun. Arysh (warden) is far too high for these quests, and I mowed through them fairly fast. Some coin, aa rewards (now that grey quests reward experience) and some cool appearance gear – as well as the charm that turns you into a vampire.

Why bother doing these quests at all? Well there’s also the vampire smite spell you get by the end – and who does not want to be able to smite those foes? Ever since Castle Mistmoore and the incidents there..

Last night I also came to the conclusion that, YES, you CAN have TOO many alts.

I know. Lets pause here to check for a pulse, I did indeed just say that. Me, with all the alts that I have.

So I’ve decided it’s time to cut down and focus. Now, why on earth would I ever say too many alts is bad? Let me mention here that crafting alts don’t fall under this category. I simply mean too many adventure alts is bad. Think of it this way, unless you can devote a LOT of time to each alt, how on earth will you manage to complete everything there is to complete in the game.

I have plenty of characters, and I’ve done a lot of content, but no one character has done all or even a majority of it. I’ve got one with claymore, another with prismatic 1.0 another with godking, two with their epics.

It’s all spread all over.

The same thing can be said about masters and upgrades. How can you afford to gear up and equip every one of those characters. I know people who have one definitive “main” who own every single M1 they can possibly own. Why? Because they have no alts to buy for.

Now, crafting alts are money makers, adornment providers and other random goodness. Those are different.

There’s a pretty good chance this whole experiment will backfire on me. I’ll get frustrated and end up creating ten alts to compensate for it. We’ll just have to see (I can hear everyone laughing in the background already). I won’t know unless I try!

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