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I should have probably taken advantage of the double experience weekend in EverQuestII, at least for the crafting, but I didn’t. I should have probably spent some time leveling in Vanguard, but I didn’t do that either. Instead I boxed in EverQuest, and I hung out with some friends, and had a lot of fun. Afterwards of course I was reminded about all of the stuff I ‘should’ have done – that’s always the way it works, right?

I’d been to MPG a few times (muramite proving grounds) in the past, years ago now I suppose. The zone was packed. There were people camping everywhere. Now though they’ve moved to greener pastures. Fistinyereyes boxed his beastlord, cleric and enchanter. His cleric is trying to get some levels, and went from 65-67 yesterday. Fistinyereyes himself managed to hit his 757th aa or something like that. I lost track once he hit 700. I took invis, who got an aa and a bit, before we called it a day. She also managed to get herself a +20ac augment, which is really nice.

We were the only ones in the zone, wandering to camp was easy enough with invis and of course the shroud of stealth I’ve got on the rogue. Being an outdated character is interesting to say the least. There were times I’m sure I barely dented the mob even though they were a dark blue con.

I also managed to finish getting Ishbel her shield from Natimbi. I took Invis out to hunt for the last two meats, and MQ’d the book to her (since she had already looted two of the meats herself). Which is good, because I’d hate to show up on Friday night missing gear. Oh, that’s right, I’ve also decided since things have settled down some to partake in the Friday Nostalgia groups again. Not sure if I mentioned that before or not, it’s only 6am right now and I’m not fully awake (when am I ever, eh).

Got tickets to Feist. Looking forward to that. Sarah Brightman is also coming to Ottawa, but the tickets are well out of my price range. Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend.

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