A Long Way Down

It was high time Goudia started her mythical. Especially since tonight is Leviathan (or it’s supposed to be, we’ll see how that goes). I believe that’s the first kill for the mythical for troubadors. I haven’t looked it up in a few days so I could be wrong. Anyhow, I headed off to barren sky to talk to some bird-chick in the middle of a chain in the middle of no where. Not such a big deal walking along the chain since it’s quite wide, but if you see at the top of the screen shot the way the chain attaches to the under side of the island? Well, I had to jump from the main land onto that little chain without a clear view of where I was jumping to.

I am no good at the jumping game in EQ2. If there’s a crack, even if it’s 10 paces away chances are I’ll some how manage to trip and fall into it. That raid zone in Pillars of Flame that sends you to a shimmering citadel look alike, it has lots of cracks in the ground that you’re expected to jump over or plummet to your death. It’s great to fall out the bottom of an island, I should know, I did it, numerous times.

So anyhow I managed to jump onto the chain, and wander across and found out what I need to do next.

Spent a little time yesterday with Kasul in Barren Sky, helping him work through some quests. I do believe I got us killed a time or two though, hard to remember, my memory always gets all blurry whenever I induce a death, hehe. He managed to ding 61, though it had very little to do with my help. I also spent some money (ok, a lot of money) upgrading things on Goudia. Turns out she was missing a few adept3’s that I deemed ‘unworthy’ when I wasn’t raiding. Made those with petites (80 jeweler) and bought a few pieces of gear. I also made some +int adornments for my ears, +str for wrists, a new adornment for my weapon (vampiric I believe) and +health for my rings. Added +power to my head piece. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I had a friend create an aa respec mirror for me, and saved a DPS and an AOE avoidance profile. Turns out that bladedance is only used for the trakanon fight these days (as opposed to last tier, where BD was used fairly constantly) and I’ll be running around with the dps spec for the most part. I also need to find an adornment for my off hand weapon. I’ve been parsing lately to see how I do, if my trooper scale boots go off I can parse 1.4k with auto attack and no special moves (by myself in a group) while I’m duel wielding. However with a shield I was only parsing 900 (with auto attack). I do need a shield for named fights where I’m offering protection to the MT as it absorbs one attack for them – but for trash and what not the dps / duel wield seems to work just fine.

I also moved some of my aa around generally, for a better dps spread. Took some points out of the agi line (I believe that’s the one, maybe I’m wrong) and put 5 into the int line, just to get the base attack that will add some dmg. There’s really no need to waste more points in there, as it only raises the rank of the skill very slightly.

Enough of my troubador ranting!

It will be nice to raid tonight. In case it’s not noticeable, I am nervous, of course. I’m really hoping I can get back into the swing of things. I also need to get 5 more aa to finish those off, and eventually I’d like to see Goudia hit 80 crafter (weaponsmith) so that she can finish that epic as well and be my first 80/80/140/400 since she’s a tinkerer. Maybe even before the next expansion comes out.. hehe.

More later!

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