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I have to admit, I’m proud of my guild. We’re certainly not the largest, with only a handful of active members, and we’re certainly not the best, most of us still leveling up. I’m proud of them every day though and I think that’s important. Last night saw us hit guild level 20 which was a major accomplishment for Nostalgia 2.0. It opened up more bank slots, and unlocked more items at the city merchants. It brings us closer to 30, which is fantastic, so of course I’m proud of everyone in it.

It’s hard to believe that Nostalgia the Guild (EQ1 branch) and Nostalgia, started out in April as an idea in the comments section of Tipa’s blog. It took off from there though. The Friday and Tuesday groups still gather on Luclin in EQ1 for their meetings, and that guild is just booming. I’ve personally met so many wonderful people from both branches of the guild. It’s been nothing short of amazing.

I decided last night that I would not attend raids, for one main reason. They’re just simply too late for me. The raids didn’t even begin until 9:30pm my time, and end around 11-12:30 depending on the raid. I’m up fairly early each morning (between 5:30 and 6am depending on when the cat decides I should be up) and so after a lot of contemplation I decided to sit this expansion out so to speak. When the new one comes out in November, then I’ll decide whether or not I want to progress in that method again. For now I’m content with my fabled epics and working on tradeskillers.

Speaking of which, today I should be able to hit 70 carpenter finally on Silhouette. Last night I downed a few experience potions that I’d been stock piling (I had 15 of them) remembering that the different potions stack (ie: 55% bonus stacks with 28% bonus and so on). I hit level 68 which was dissapointing because I only got two new recipes. However at level 70 I’ll get all those new faction recipes that I’ve had stashed away now. Since my carpenter is an adventurer she won’t have to grind it the long difficult way – except for Bathezid Watch, which leaves you just short of 30,000 faction. I’m eager to be on T8 as far as carpenter work goes. It means that I can make the REALLY nice items, and I can get started again on decorating. I want to overhaul each house I own, as well as make some items for Kasul’s house (even though I dare say I’ve been over doing his lately and just stuffing junk everywhere) as well as Shadowgeist’ house which I have a few special ideas for. It should be a blast!

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  1. Kasul says:

    It goes to show you the power of blogs! And I don’t mean just Tipa’s either.

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