70 Carpenter

Not too much longer now! Yesterday finally saw me ding level 70 carpenter on Silhouette. Which means not only did I get to start all the amazing T8 recipes, but I also got to scribe 6 new books from faction merchants, two for Rilis, Danak, and Bathezid Watch. Needless to say I had a LOT of items to make. It was great! I’m quite happy to have made it so far with this crafter, considering I’ve had so many carpenters in the past who for some reason just didn’t make it. I spent a portion of yesterday designing a room in Shadowgeist’ house which I’m slowly working on, and dumping items into Kasul’s house, who’s kindly let me get rid of all my junk that I have no use for. Maybe he can come up with something to do with it all.

The faction furniture is really nice, some of the wall hangings even let you have a small reduction in the coin cost for your home. Really can’t complain about that at all. I’m eager to get level 80, so that I can work on the crafter epic and get that run speed clicky. Not to mention the cloak. Then it’s time to level up the next crafter, which will probably be the neglected woodworker who has been at level 74 for quite some time now. I do have the 80 sage who needs her epic, but because she’s only a level 60 adventurer she hasn’t done the faction she needs for Bathezid Watch in order to begin with. I dislike the crafter writs, they don’t reward you nearly enough for the effort you put into it. Those who can adventure for their faction are far better off.

Though I do admire the fact that there’s an alternative means to obtaining your faction if for some reason you are not an adventurer. After leveling so many characters to 80 I’m almost but not quite inclined to get my faction that way too.

Tomorrow is EQ1 night with Nostalgia on Luclin, it should be a lot of fun. A few more members have joined up over the past little while and I’m looking forward to playing with everyone.

The newest GU should be out before too long, I have mixed feelings on it. Probably means I should finish getting the rest of those notes from the current storm quests before they’re removed or changed. It’s hard when I have so many alts! I want to get everything for all of them and that’s just not a viable solution.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

2 Responses to 70 Carpenter

  1. stargrace says:

    I’m not sure that crafting will be changing with the other four sub-categories. If it does, I’ll be very disappointed.

  2. jsquirrel says:

    Remember, faction from writs is being bumped up to 500 in the next patch, so you may want to save any serious effort until then.

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