Summer Cleaning and Nostalgia Fun

It was well past time. Every so often (typically when I get low on cash) I decide that it’s time to sell most of my rares and rebuild the section of rares in by shared bank. I love the way shared bank is combined now between not only accounts, but good and evil. Especially coin, too. Anyhow. The image above is all my rares that I’ve been stock piling for the past little while. I have two more boxes filled with transmuted dusts and shards and infusions, which I’ll keep.

I decided everything would go – almost. I kept the pelts, and roots, and hard metals for my lowbie armorer and tailor. I kept the T8 rares since I’m using them for furniture a lot, and I kept the T5 items for crafting epics since they use those and I don’t want to harvest them again. Hmm. It’s beginning to look like I didn’t sell anything at all but instead kept it. Hehe. Seriously though, I did sell a lot of them. I also stocked up on food and drink to sell, and odd bits here and there. A few shinies that I didn’t need.

In EQ2 I never find that I NEED money. The most I’ve ever had at one time is 200p and I’ve known people with well over 1,000. There’s rarely anything I NEED to buy, master spells being an exception when they actually drop down into an affordable price range. Gear comes from quests instances and raids. Masters too if I’m lucky. I actually end up spending money on alts for the most part and that’s just due to needing the gear RIGHT NOW instead of going out and harvesting for it.

Tonight is Nostalgia on Luclin (EQ1) and I’m looking forward to it. We’ll be smushing some dragons, so long as they’re up. I’ll have to log in a bit early and make sure my spells are all saved and set up the way they should be. It’s been quite some time. I also have no idea if I’m playing the druid or the cleric yet, and I know the druid needs her level 51 spells. I may team the beastlord and druid up to get them a little into their level, and get the druid working on some aa (or get her closer to 52) or the beastlord and the cleric, same idea. The beastlord probably needs a spell or two too, and I’d like to get them a little further into 48. Idealy I’d have them around 51 too, but Dulak is getting old and the killings are starting to slow down some. I haven’t decided where I’ll be headed next.

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  1. Ogrebears says:

    I keep my rare similar to how you do but each row is a tier, instead of column.

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