How did it end?

It figures, that once I decide to go back to the Friday night Nostalgia group, others decide not to show up. Not that it’s any fault of their own, no doubt there were real life adventures that kept them away. It’s just my sort of luck, that’s all. We were missing a wizard, a shaman, and a Gnewton who had mentioned ahead of time he’d be gone (hope those drinks were great!). So it was that 7 of us brave adventurers wandered the road to Nagafen’s Lair. We had a few not so nice pulls. Well, more then a few. It’s difficult to get down when your entire raid force consists of a magician (who used translocate and gate to split mobs for us), ranger, two clerics, two warriors, and a druid. In one of those pulls we got Nagafen down to 20% or maybe even slightly below, but we were missing our uber dps ranger, and the healers slowly ran out of mana and were eaten like some sort of truffle delicacy.

We prepared to work on another pull when it happened.

As though my luck could not have gone any worse. My computer decided it wanted to randomly shut off, and not turm on again.

I hate computers.

I quickly started taking it apart to try to decipher what the issue was, and around 1am with a case of old parts, I logged back into game. Of course, no one was around so I don’t have the faintest idea if we won or not. I think we may have, I tried to peek into the room Nagafen stays in and saw no dragon. However, having never seen that room before in my life I’m not exactly sure where Nagafen would be in there, even if they were up. Hopefully Nostalgia was victorious, and it ended well.

In EQ2, earlier in the day saw Kasul reach level 63. I boxed a tank and my templar (who is also fairly close to level 75, but I just can’t bring her to solo it) and did Nest in Barren Sky, which Kasul had never been to before. We also did Vaults, in the same zone. Alas no class hat dropped which I had been looking forward to. Silhouette also managed to climb to level 71 carpenter, this weekend is double exp weekend so take advantage (not that I did last week). I believe it’s the last one with the living legacy promotion, so now is the time.

2 Responses to How did it end?

  1. Gnewton says:

    The drinks were good… probably too good as my head is complaining today.

    Sorry to hear about your computer! :( That’s not cool at all. Hopefully you can get it fixed and be back in the saddle!

  2. Kasul says:

    I hear the group did kill Nagafen, after switching tactics for pulling. Tipa has a nice writeup on her page this morning.

    Sorry about your computer :( hope the problem wasn’t anything serious.

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