A Perfect Gaming Day

Yesterday was by far one of the most perfect gaming days – and I didn’t really do that much. It was great though. Spent in the company of amazing friends and good groups, with only a few deaths. The very early morning portion of it was spent in EQ1. I headed to Dulak Harbor with my 49 beastlord Nala (yes, I actually have two beastlords, I have one who is level 17 still) and my 51 druid, Qutey. Nala hit 50, Qutey hit 52, and got an aa. The kills are still relatively slow, neither character is wearing the best gear, and I’m still working up Nala’s skills since she was leveled fairly quickly. I invis’d my way up to the Oceancrasher and just sat Qutey there while Nala pulled.

Which is one thing I miss in EQ2 might I add. In EQ1 dungeon crawls are more like camps. You find a camp, and your group parks there while someone pulls. Bard or tank or whoever. You sit there for hours, camping your area. Someone zones in and ‘camp check’ is a typical thing, still. In EQ2, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard someone ask for a camp check, unless it was for some particular mob used in a quest and even then it’s rare anyone asks. It’s been phased out, and I miss it. Groups are constantly on the move – granted a lot of this is due to the questing-to-level method of gaining experience. Always on the go.

After that it was time to help out some friends in EQ2, a conjurer and necromancer with their fabled epics. It had been a very long time since I played Petites (templar) to any great extent and I missed it. She was 8% to ding, and I asked if I could tag along on her even though she’d be quite small for the two zones we were headed to (Sebilis and Chardok).

We actually did fantastic, no deaths. The one problem? At level 75 (she dinged almost immediately) you can only cure up to level 83. The mobs we were fighting were level 84-85. So while I could heal just fine, I couldn’t cure the nasty fears, or dots that pummled us. We did the entire zone this way except for one final named at the doors to VS, who I relogged to the druid for. CoTH (call of the hero) her down to the group and we took them out too. The named dropped a very pretty pair of bracers for Goudia that extend the length of her songs by 10%. Couldn’t complain at all! Once we were done getting the updates people needed in Sebilis, it was time for Chardok. Everything went smooth there and Petites managed to wiggle 50% experience out of the ordeal. Even though I couldn’t cure the dots none of the mobs in Chardok fear so we had no issues.

Finally, after all that, I went to play with Kasul some who was inching up on level 65. That’s a big level in EQ2. It’s the level you can start doing Kylong Plains (RoK) content. It’s also the level a lot more instances become available to you such as the ones in Bonemire (there are three at least) and the ones in Loping plains, as well as Obelisk of Blight. It’s also the level you can start grouping with level 80’s.

The experience in Barren Sky was slow, and I was feeling restless, so eventually after some time I suggested we head to New Tunaria with my coercer. Charmed a vampire and we were on our way. LOTS of chest drops and Kasul got his level.

I died, a few times. It comes with the charming mobs territory though and I’m quite used to it. Thankfully this time I didn’t get Kasul killed.

Today, hopefully some instance runs, we’ll see! I hope everyone else has had an amazing weekend.

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