Instances Galore

Instances, and lots of them. That was the goal for yesterday. Kasul, Shadowgeist, Eyenstein, and myself first headed to Obelisk of Blight in LesserFaydark and lay waste to the voidbeasts tucked within. The drops were alright – the final two named actually dropped legendary which is something they rarely do for me. Shadowknight set gear dropped, of course. It always does when we have someone along who can actually use the gear. We headed off to Crypt of Valdoon afterward, drops were all treasured except for the class piece for dirge/troubador. Again of course because no one needed it.

Eyenstein switched out for his defiler, and his wife Albrta joined the group on her paladin. We decided to head to unrest, I relogged to Stargrace (illusionist) for some power regen and mez abilities (though we didn’t need them). To most people the group probably looked a little odd. We had:

  • 66 Assassin
  • 67 Defiler
  • 67 Paladin
  • 80 Shadowknight
  • 76 Illusionist

We didn’t mentor for this zone, having three people who were over what the cap would have previously been for Unrest when it was first released. We had a lot of fun (I think) and it was great to be bringing someone new to the zone and watching their reactions as we ran through the script. It’s by far one of the more complicated scripts in EQ2 to run and this puts it very high on my list of ‘absolutely must go see favorite zones’. I wish we had more areas like this one.

The drops were alright, Kasul picked up a new piercer from the bartender, and he also got his class hat from one named. Albrta got her paladin breastplate though we didn’t see any of the fabled cloaks. I wanted to give bugaboo a shot since he’s white at level 80, but for now he’ll live and roam around the outside of the house.

Before all of the instances, Mayadhros, Said, Kasul, Shadowgeist, and myself made new characters. Ah yes that’s right, even MORE alts. Shadowgeist was interested in trying out a paladin (for whatever reason) and I decided to join on a mystic. Said created a brigand, Mayadhros his wizard, and Kasul had his neglected coercer. We played for a little while and practically flew to level 10-12 and obtaining a few aa. Things go really fast on double exp weekend with a group.

For once, I didn’t craft. I know, I checked for a pulse too to ensure I was still alive. Well, I suppose that’s not exactly true, I did craft for a short while to try to get Nostalgia 2.0 level 21. We’re pretty close, only a few % away. I ended up calling it a night though, and spent some time lamenting over the fact that I only have 4 gigs of space left on my hard drive. I’ll have to fix that, eventually.

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