LoN House Items

I had three booster packs unclaimed in LoN (which don’t sell for nearly as much in EQ2 as they do in EQ1 at least not on the Najena server) as well as an unclaimed cloak that gives you a purple tinge (I did not particularly care for the cloak) so I decided to set up a few trades within LoN and see what I could get.

I left the trades up for only a day before I’d gotten everything I wanted. Now, maybe it is because all I was looking for were house items (and a new cloak) and perhaps that’s silly of me, but I do love the items you can get.

I ended up getting three new house items plus the new cloak for my three boosters + old cloak (those boosters may or may not have had something interesting inside of them, I don’t know). There’s a trick to getting items you actually want from LoN – and that’s NOT to open the booster packs. The chance you’ll actually get a loot card can be very slim. If you’re one of those people who only stumbles across them from time to time you’re going to be far better off actually saving up those booster packs and creating specific trades instead of hoping for a chance that you’ll get what you want out of the package.

I enjoy playing the LoN game, though I am not that good at it. So the boosters I suppose could have been handy had I opened them – but with 1400 cards already in my collection, I didn’t see a reason to. I managed to get two paintings I did not have (pictured above) and a gold book (also a house item of course) that is filled with images of the paintings that came with LoN.

The cloak I traded for gives a reduced falling speed for the wearer (not that I really need that portion) and it also has an effect of a halo that hovers above the player (which is why I wanted it at all). You can have the effect on while you’re not wearing the cloak, which is nice.

The only issue for me now is who to claim the cloak on. I was contemplating Silhouette, just because it would be amusing to see a dark elf coercer with a halo above her head – but the utility of the cloak (reduced falling speed) would be completely wasted since dark elves come with the ‘hover’ ability that allows them to float. So ideally, I’d put the cloak on someone who didn’t already have that ability.

It’s not often I get LoN (Legend of Norrath) house items, and a lot have been released since the game came out. It’s nice to be able to add to my collection every so often though.

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