Akheva Ruins

Yesterday was a mixture of gaming, in the later evening. I was restless and not sure what I wanted to do. Not because of anything going on in game but it’s just been one of those weeks. You know the ones, that just don’t end quite fast enough for you. I spent some time briefly finishing off book quests for Silhouette in Ruins of Varsoon, adding two more to her collection. The kills were easy and I managed to harvest a few shinies to put for sale. Nothing really of note. Once that was done I headed to Kylong Plains with Kasul to help him get started with the RoK quest chains – namely the sokokar quest.

It wasn’t long (maybe an hour) after working on those I decided I would head to EQ1 for a few hours before bed. Binxs was already there, making his way to the 50-55 hot zone.

“The Akhevan City of Ka Vethan, better known now as the Akheva Ruins, was built long before Vex Thal and served as a stronghold for the shadows of Luclin. Its current state can be attributed to a civil war among the Akhevans.

After their arrival and establishment on the moon, the Combine began building structures and outposts on Akhevan territory. The reigning High Priestess at the time, Akel Ha Ra, demanded that her fellow Akhevans not interfere with the imposing Norrathians. This caused some dissention among their ranks. Before long, an Akhevan named Aten Ha Ra emerged as the leader of this resistance and led her faction in a civil war among the Akhevans. One day, Aten Ha Ra summoned a storm of incredible power and used it to destroy the city of Ka Vethanat, an event which led to the death of Akel Ha Ra, many of her minions, and the end of the civil war.

Currently, one can find a countless number of Akhevan spirits lingering among these age old ruins in addition to a host of mind wurms, stonegrabbers, and centis.”

I asked if he wanted some company, and decided to tag along on Ishbel. She was still sitting at level 51, and I wanted 52 before Friday night’s dragon play. The pulls to the zone line were fairly painless. I managed to ding my 8th aa on Ishbel, and both Binxs and Ishbel hit level 52. Since EQ2 is down for a few hours with the GU47, I decided I will probably go back, this time with my beastlord / druid combination, and see if I can’t get the beastlord to ding a few levels, as well as gain some aa / buffer on the druid. So far I’ve just been hanging out at the entrance, and the one thing I dislike is the fact that everything wants to run away from me at 20% or so.

By now of course I expect it, but it makes duo’ing with my cleric / beastlord combination a pain at times. The cleric does get a root, but I find it wears more often then not. At least with the druid I can put down a snare or two (or three).

I’m hoping tomorrow night we get a great turn out as far as dragon-killers go. Gnewton should be there and that’s always a sure sign of some fun at least. If all goes well, we’ll get the last bit we need and the level cap will finally be lifted. It will be nice to be able to move to 55 instead of the 52 people have been sitting at for quite some time (does us no good to want to kill dragons if we’re getting banished left right and center).

Which reminds me, I need to look up spells, for the beastlord, druid, and cleric. Eventually, I’d like to get my necromancer a few levels as well. We’ll have to see how that goes though.

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