Nagafen and Vox didn’t stand a chance

Last night Nostalgia met again to take down some dragons, and it went pretty smooth. Well, very smooth actually. A rocky start (and minus one gnome) we set out to Nagafen’s room. Some how a Warlord decided that we were too close to his abode or something and decided to agro us through some magical means that we never quite figured out. Then came our wipe, of course, and the conversation that followed:

  • Tipa: Ok guys it should be clear at the firepit now (where we set up our fellowship)
  • Me: Ok, using my token! (gates to the firepit, outside of Nagafen’s room)
  • Me: Uh… wait.. I’m not sure it’s clear here (Said quite frantically as Tipa was about to gate her way in)
  • – Insert the sound of me getting soundly thumbed by giants here –
  • Tipa: Well. I guess it’s safe now.
  • Me: *grumble grumble*

I had a blast, as always. Such a great group of people. Not only that, but the level 52 cap we’ve been held at for quite some time was raised, and Qutey (the new character I’ll be playing now on Fridays more then likely) hit level 55, along with my beastlord Nala. Warmongar happened to be strolling through the 50-55 hotzone this morning and asked if I needed a warrior. When don’t I need a fellow guild mate?!

Oh, forgot to mention, we also took down Vox. Easy, once we were done with Nagafen. We didn’t get a red dragon scale, but hopefully we can find one for a fair price on the broker.

In three hours  Warmongar and I had gotten our three levels (it may have been less) and can now work on aa again. A lot more aa open up at these levels which is fantastic. I’m also going to start doing my epics, on both the druid and the beastlord. We’ll see where it goes from there. A shame that our favorite Gnomeh (and resident enchanter) will not be able to partake in the Friday night groups any more. Hopefully he can come a bit later and still enjoy some fun. Going to miss that shorty.

2 Responses to Nagafen and Vox didn’t stand a chance

  1. stargrace says:

    I think you were just too short for the camera to pick you up, Tipa.. *grins*

  2. Tipa says:

    Apparently I was there in name only :)

    BTW, we bought a *Green* Dragon Scale for Ceipheid on the broker for 7500 plat. We needed a second Red so he could do the red to green quest, but getting a green one means he won’t have to do that.

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