Void Storm Continues

I’d done the Void Storm quests with a few characters, obtaining what items I thought would look best (mostly the dishes and the ‘black’ gear) but didn’t spend a lot of time with it since it took so long to complete and there was always competition around. There’s still always competition around now, but it’s far easier to complete. I decided to take advantage of the quest this weekend, and completed it on Ysandria, my monk. For the main purpose of obtaining the awesome looking Gi before they removed it in this live event. I realize the look of the Gi is not that unique, a few T8 items have the same graphic, which is why I love it – because my monk is only level 38 and there’s no way she’d be able to get it other wise.

Slightly odd of me to care what my character looks like in game? Not really, pleanty of others share the same ideas. Everyone wants to look ‘cool’ or ‘different’ or ‘completely nuts’ or what have you. I can hardly be blamed.

It wasn’t just the Gi I got this time though. I also got a new dress (which Ysandria will never wear out), a bedside table (not pictured) a bowl filled with water (also not pictured) a very small dresser, a plate of muffins, and a steaming pie. I completed the quest 20 times in order to purchase everything I wanted for this character. The shard that drops will drop for the number of people within your group, so teaming up is not a bad idea. As of yet I haven’t heard this changing. This gives everyone a fair chance to get a little bit of loot for decoration purposes mostly.

The void storms themselves now come to life. Norrath sounds as though it’s in some drastic danger, and I’m curious what will be the ‘cure’ or who will come save Freeport and Qeynos from the beasts that constantly spawn. I realize that this is a lead up to the expansion due for release in November, but in the mean time I hope everyone is having an amazing time with the events going on. No one can say that Norrath does not evolve and change as we play, visible signs appear every so often (especially with those guild halls being built off of the coast of Antonica and Freeport).

I suppose now I better do those void quests with the rest of my characters..

2 Responses to Void Storm Continues

  1. Taymar says:

    I love the gi! I have it on my purple arasai bruiser, along with the katanas. She looks HOT!

    I think I’ve bought everything I want now. When’s GU48? ;)

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