Even More Void Storm Quests

Arysh, the negelected warden, standing in South Qeynos. This weekend I may as well have called the Void weekend, because that’s pretty much all I did, was work on void storm quests. I got 20 notes for my monk (pictured a few posts back), 15 notes for Silhouette, 15 notes for Stargrace, and 15 notes for Arysh. That’s a lot of notes. I wanted a new look but was sad to see they removed the green, blue, and black dresses from the vendor (aside from the green formal wear) so if you didn’t get it last time, it’s no longer sold. They left the leather chain and plate gear though.

I still need to collect a few more notes for the pie and muffins to add to Arysh’ home, hopefully I’ll get that done today.

I almost created another alt. Almost. Instead I decided to delete the 17 mystic I had, I’ve got a 32 defiler and if I need a lowbie healer I’ll just mentor with her (or so I figure). Feeling slightly restless last night I also contemplated betraying Arysh back to a fury – which I have done twice now and vowed never to do it again. I think I’ll just be satisfied with her as a warden. I just dislike the fact that there are a million others out there. Today, I’m looking to work on my epic. We’ll see how that goes. I need more reet faction and I believe I need some items in Sebilis and Chardok but I’d have to look it up again since I’ve forgotten.

Today is a civic holiday in Canada, I hope everyone enjoys their day off! Another one coming the 1st of September.

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  1. Kasul says:

    That’s alot of notes, but at least it wasn’t alot of running back and forth to North Qeynos too like the last stage of the void quest.

    Arysh looks hot in the black leather by the way :-X

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