Void Storm Worries

They say you worry less when it doesn’t happen in your home land. That issues are easier to push aside and neglect, and they lay there forgotten until such a time where you are forced to look, given no choice. Such was the way with the void storms, too. At least for me.

There had been reports and rumors for months now about these creatures who wrap themselves in darkness, although located all over Norrath most of the stories I heard came from the two great cities, Freeport and Qeynos. I rarely ventured out of the hold of Gorowyn these days, covered from head to foot in sawdust and other random crafting particles. Months went by while people claimed villagers were setting up camps at the temple of life, and praying for a savior for Norrath. Still, I ignored these warnings.

Perhaps I’d have been better off had I paid them heed, though it chills my bones to say as much out loud.

So when the call came up in Gorowyn from Guide Rosange, I again barely paid it heed. Void beasts in Gorowyn? Within the city itself? They must be mistaken.

Kasul, a long time loyal friend and companion, tugged on my arm while I was at my crafting station, insisting we check it out. I rolled my eyes slightly and decided to humour the sarnak, knowing full well I’d been neglecting our friendship to persue splinters and wood chips. Together we made our way to the base of Gorowyns vast hold, and along the far side, pressed against a wall, stood Rosange. Not ten feet away from her, a void beast and a monstrous cloud that thundered and cracked and shook everything near it like a leaf.

“We must go help!” Kasul started heading straight towards the massive thunder clouds, ignoring the fact that the very ground beneath his feet threatened to send him sprawling.

I agreed, and walking along the outside rim, made myself to the frightened Rosange. Never before had I felt like such a fool for ignoring the warnings. Kasul drew out his daggers to fight the beasts head on, they started coming at us two at a time. I did my best to mutter incantations and before long was lost in the dance of my powers. The world spun and danced around me, a mired of coloured rainbows.

When at last I came to and got a hold of myself once more, bodies of void beasts darker then night itself scattered the floor. Kasul was grinning slightly, in a way that only sarnak can manage. Rosange looked horrified at us, as though we were the ones who were tormenting my sacred city of Gorowyn, and not these beasts. She thanked us, offering some coin from a purse strapped to her side, which we each took, not at all ashamed at claiming a reward.

I headed back upstairs to the safety of my crafting machines, aching for the scent of sawdust again. Void Storms in Gorowyn? Who’d have honestly been able to foresee this. It did not sit well with me, not at all. I feared for not only myself, my friends and what little family I had remaining, but also for Norrath.

1 Response to Void Storm Worries

  1. Kasul says:

    We turned back the invasion of the storms together, when the guards of Gorowyn were otherwise engaged. Perhaps now you can call yourself a child of her as I can, eh?

    … Perhaps not, but know that Gorowyn thanks you for your efforts. I thank you… I would not have survived on my own against the brutes of the void.

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