You’re so vain..

The only thing I like more then trying to find outfits for my characters, is perhaps trying to find hats for them. Since it’s not likely that I’ll be attending any T7 raids any more or T6 where class specific gear dropped with nifty graphics, I’ve had to scrounge some what. I know there are legendary quested class hats that my troubador has yet to complete – but I forget what the graphic on these were. I may be thinking of the dirge one. Since they get everything else that’s cool (stoneskin, rez, parry mods, dps mods) it would only make sense that they have the cool hat too. At least in my eyes.

I did manage to find a troubador only hat from vaults though, the legendary ones that drop at the end of the instance. Pictured above on Goudia, who’s taken to hiding out in dark elf form so she doesn’t scare too many people away as a ratonga. It’s so hard to get a good meal when the bartender keeps trying to shoo you out of the restaurant.

I’m a sucker for the feathered caps, what can I say. They just look so neat.

Speaking of neat, if you haven’t taken a look at the revamped heritage quests yet, go visit the shady swashbuckler on the docks of Nektulos forest and see what they’re looking like now. This charm slot item used to have almost no stats. Now it’s something I would have seriously considered wearing (before they came out with the legendary provisioner made charm items). Very handy for the level that this quest is granted at.

The Cloak of Flames is another heritage quest that’s really been upgraded for the better. I’ve actually never completed this quest on a single one of my characters, and so that’s my goal for today. If not to complete it, then at least to finish collecting the pages that drop for it. Since it should be grey to me now, I’m hoping it doesn’t present too much of a problem. But I am a troubador, so you never know.

Tonight Nostalgia is meeting for some Veksar fun. I’m really looking forward to it, this is one of my favorite zones and I spent a lot of time there in the past. Even though the basic drops (aside from haste items) may not be complete upgrades since all the defiant stuff that’s floating around, it’ll still be wonderful to go back. Qutey is who I’m playing these days. While I was having fun on the cleric, I’d already leveled a cleric and obtained the epic, so I wanted to try to do something new. Qutey has started her druid 1.0 and I’ll be continuing on that. She’s up to 8aa now I believe, and Nala just reached her first four. Not exactly the fastest of things to obtain for me, at least not when I box. Have I mentioned yet that I’m excited about tonight? Well, I certainly am.

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