2008 Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony

I’m not huge on sports, aside from hockey which is a given, but I do love the Olympics. This year is the 29th summer Olympics, and I watched (and am still watching) the opening ceremonies right now. Our Canadian athletes made their way across the stadium floor and it’s hard not to burst into cheers from my living room.

We qualified for 25/28 of the events, missing out on Volleyball, Handball, and Basketball. I was sad to hear about the basketball bit, though there are reasons behind it (like our main athlete not wanting to partake this year because he’s been so many times before, and is just so busy).

I loved the beauty of the ceremony. I loved what was done with the ‘footprint’ fireworks leading up to the building, it was great to watch and I got chills. All of the cultural aspects were well done as well.

It’s not the winter Olympics.. but for now it will do. Vancouver in 2010, see you there!

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  1. cindy says:

    see u in vancouver 2010

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