Nostalgia heads to Veksar for some Undead Lovin’

“Shortly after the Shissar were run out of Kunark, a resort by the name of Veksar was built by the Kylong Iksar Tribe. After standing upon a lake in the middle of Kunark for nearly 1,000 years, Veksar was destroyed by the dragon Garudon, and sunk to the bottom of what is now known as the Lake of Ill Omen.

Now beneath the surface of the lake, Veksar is inhabited by sealife and the spirits of those killed in the incident. It is said that the spirit of the dragon Garudon also resides somewhere in the ruins. Only few adventurers who have chosen to trespass in to Veksar’s confines have been able to return to tell about it.” – Allakhazam

Last night Nostalgia headed to Veksar, a day early since Tipa is away tomorrow. The night started out much like it always does, a few of us gathered early and decided to just camp the entrance, filled with bloodgill shaman and warriors. A named did wander by, dropping an upgrade for my beastlord (though it would have been an upgrade to my druid as well). I ended up boxing for the evening, which I don’t mind in the slightest, since I’ve got three characters in the appropriate level ranges, if there’s room, why not (as long as it doesn’t cause wipes, cough cough). Warmnungar, Rogbog, and I stayed there for a bit until Tipa logged in, and we continued to wack away at encounters. Mantis joined us, an enchanter (to which I was eternally greatful for, since we’ve lost our Gnewton, not that he’s replaceable at all. I’d give some organs to see him returned).

I started out playing Qutey, but we didn’t have a cleric (Coldheat) like we usually do either, so as more people started showing up I swapped out for Ishbel who I’d neglected to level past 52. Experience in zones that are not hot zones, are actually quite slow. Ishbel went from 52 to 70% through 53 in the time she was there, and that was with using lesson of the devoted, which boosts your exp gain for 30 minutes. We did have a LOT of fun though. The monk and druid who typically join up were there as well, so we split into two groups. My group kept camping the shop area and the golems outside. We only spawned one named, the Behemoth, which dropped a robe for Mantis.

We also got one piece of defiant gear to drop, leather gloves. Aside from that, lots and lots of weapons that you can turn in for faction.

I’ve farmed and camped Veksar for months at a time in the past with a good friend of mine, so going back certainly held some very fond memories. There was an 80 beastlord in the zone going after some clicky summon pet that I will have to look into. Group two also spawned a named but it.. vanished, after a 65 rogue wandered into the zone. Not too hard to tell what happened there.

Each one of my characters is sitting at around 9aa or so which is not a great amount, but I’ve been trying to level them up as well as work on those aa. I believe the level cap may be raising to 60, or perhaps we’ll be staying at 55 for another week, I’m not certain. Once the cap is raised to 60 I know we’ll be spending at least two months at that level, which is fantastic. Perhaps I’ll get some crafting done too. Next week, we’re off to hate!

4 Responses to Nostalgia heads to Veksar for some Undead Lovin’

  1. stargrace says:

    I was half asleep I think last night when we were talking about that, but I’m actually GLAD that the cap is still 55 for another week. Gets me some time to get Ishbel up to 55, and work on more aa before I start working on the next 5 levels…

    It was so much fun!

  2. Tipa says:

    Well, we’re not going to 60 until everyone is at 55 :/ so no, cap is still 55.

    It was a lot of fun, though :)

  3. Kasul says:

    I don’t remember spending alot of time in Veksar, but the zone was beautiful when it came out… a great addition to Kunark, and a great location for a dungeon as everyone was camped in Lake of Ill Omen anyway :)

    I remember the weapons quest… on my server someone would always hand in an odd number of weapons and then the next person would get a faction hit for one or two instead of four.

    Congrats to everyone on the levels and the drops! :)

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