Corpse Ahoy

Once upon a time, I had a cleric named Ellithia, on an account given to me by a friend who no longer played. I loved the cleric, and worked  hard on her, even though she never raided. Over time, as I switched to new games (namely EQ2) and stopped paying for multiple accounts, I lost the log in information for this account. So when Nostalgia started up, I figured it was my chance to start the cleric without having to worry about looking for a group. Ishbel became my new cleric.

After a week or two of Nostalgia, I was looking through an old journal of mine and stumbled across the log in information for Ellithia. I was so happy. Bound and determined not to make the same mistake again, and at the time not wanting to have more then one account open, I moved her over to my main account – which of course left me with two clerics now.

Over time I’ve switched my Nostalgia character around a lot depending on what we needed. It’s something I enjoy, being versatile like that. I have played a rogue for a brief time (who met an untimely end in a pot of stew), a necromancer (who I decided was better suited to solo play), the cleric, the druid, and the beastlord. Ellithia has veteran rewards associated with her, as did Ishbel. My account can only claim two years worth – though it’s been sitting at 2.7 granted for a few months now so I’m beginning to wonder.

Anyhow. I decided yesterday – why not get rid of one of my clerics. Free up that veteran reward for Qutey, who I’ll be playing quite frequently, and then also free up a character slot (not that I really need it).

So, which cleric… well that was the easy choice. While Ishbel is a great character – she doesn’t have her epic, and I have no inclination to do it, especially since I’ve already done it on Ellithia. Ellithia also has 92aa, and while her gear is under where the current standards are due to the defiant stuff, and she actually had less power then Ishbel, I knew that would open up the opportunity to work on her. Plus, I put a lot of time into Ellithia since she’s an older character. Barely any time was spent on Ishbel.

The only thing left remaining was the fact that Ellithia was level 70, and my Nostalgia group will be 55 for another week, then headed towards 60.

So yesterday for the better part of an afternoon I sacrificed Ellithia down from leve 70 to level 60. Honestly, I had no issues doing it. Leveling is so much faster now, and I’d rather actually have some use for her instead of just seeing the character rot. With the Nostalgia group within my level range, it’s really nice. I first bound her to the bottom of Gunthak, pictured above, and let her drown. That was taking far too long though so I came up with a new plan.

I headed over to The Hole, and bound her to the top. Falling to my death over and  over (second screnshot) for some wary traveler below. The only bad part is that each death only granted a 6% experience loss. So in order to lose 10 levels, I had to die a LOT. I had company while I did this though. Kasul, has decided to join up on our Friday Nostalgia with his level 65 shaman. He took the character down to level 60 so that he was able to join us. Going to be great having another person around and I know he’s looking forward to it as well.

6 Responses to Corpse Ahoy

  1. Tipa says:

    You guys are insane. All I can say,

  2. Woof says:

    All those precious Essence Emeralds… gone forever… NOOOOOOOOOO!


  3. Mythokia says:

    I remember watching people suicide into town guards in Lineage 2 for hours on end to get characters down in level to be able to farm certain bosses. Gold farmers did the same too to be able to stay at a spot after they outleveled it, and it was kinda hilarious to watch a bot train of 5 – 6 people just keep constantly going at it.

  4. stargrace says:

    Oh yes, done purposely because I know the pain of lag from corpses, hehe.

  5. Hudson says:

    Hey at least you didn’t pick POK to do this so people dont lag out! KUDOS!

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