Fun in RunnyeyeII

It’s not too often I play my warden any more, for a few reasons. I suppose the main one would be that they’re exceptionally common in game. Everyone and their dog seems to have one tucked away if for nothing more then porting purposes. They’re also one of the easiest healers to play (I’ve played them all) and while they have very little in the way of hp or mitigation buffs (we leave that to the clerics) their heal over time (HoT) are fantastic.

So when an RE2 (RunnyeyeII) group came up with a few friends, of course I jumped at the chance, even though I was off playing some other game (I know, how dare I). It was a group of people that I’ve played with before on numerous occasions, so I wasn’t too worried. At first I was going to join on my troubador, but we really needed more dps (the group consisted of: Inquisitor, Shadowknight, Warlock, Illusionist, Defiler, and myself as Troubador to start). I switched out for the warden and the defiler switched out to his main, a ranger.

We had two deaths total in the zone, and an extra one for me who got pummeled by an AoE on incoming. We pulled the last encounter flawlessly, and during the run the fabled fighter cloak dropped, which of course went to the shadownight who had been running the zone constantly since it released, waiting for that drop.

We transmuted just about everything in the zone, 9 legendary total. Two master chests dropped, the fighter ring also dropped and no one could use it so it went to an alt. I did get Arysh an upgrade to her helm, so I was happy. Though it was painful to transmute all of the items that my troubador could have used. The evening was relaxing and friendly, we talked away on the EQII voice chat and had a pretty good time.

I’ve been falling behind in my crafting, and I’m hoping to spend some time fixing that. This week in particular is going to be hellish though, so we’ll just have to see. Nostalgia is going to meet again on Thursday, this time for some Plane of Hate fun. I hope to get in game and delevel Ellithia the remaining two levels, and perhaps work at getting a few more aa on Qutey and Nala before then. Again it depends on this week though, lots of things coming up.

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  1. foozlesprite says:

    My guild raids often and has mythicals/VP gear. For some reason, when we step into RE2, we are all magically transformed into newbs. Tanks pull 5 mobs at once, mobs come through walls at us for no apparent reason, healers ninja afk, dps goes down 50%, and we all wipe, a lot. I spend more on repairs for an RE2 group than I do for most 4 hour raids. I’m glad to see somebody had a decent time though, it gives me hope that maybe, if I keep going, we won’t wipe all over the place…and maybe, just maybe, some decent loot will drop!

  2. Ogrebears says:

    Cool i have not seen the inside of Runnyeye yet. I am hoping to see it soon…

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