Warden Epic Woes

The warden epic has been one of those epics that should be easier then I found it. Only due to the fact that it requires 40,000 faction with the Synd Reet and for some odd reason, it’s going slowly. I am up to 21,900 faction currently on Arysh – doing the repeatable 5,000 faction quest that sends me into sebilis to fight heroic iksars. The part that boggles me is that Goudia, has 39,000 faction with the Reet, and she has never done any of the Sebilis quests. I have no idea where I got it from. I’ve been trying to think of other Reet factions located in Norrath some where that I may have missed while leveling up with Arysh. Silhouette is also sporting very high faction with the Reet, and I’ve never done the Sebilis quests on her either.

Aside from working on the faction, I needed a named in Sebilis (in the laboratory, which I got), an update in Chardok off of the archmagus (which I also got eventually, they were being stingy) and a kill from the Gear encounter in Maidens. I actually played my troubador in Madiens because dps was being stingy, and switched out for that one fight since 3 healers would be just fine for it, the encounter does not do anything special nor does it take a lot of skill.

All that is left (aside from the remaining faction) is a kill in Chelsith, which I’m looking forward to, I enjoy the zone. Then it is just a matter of running around talking to various npc druids, and my third epic will be completed. I know, I’ve been slacking big time on it. The faction is the only portion I disliked. Much like I disliked having to harvest 10 xegonite on the troubador. The coercer epic was still by far the easiest I completed, having it take no more then one day from start to finish. It will be nice to be wielding that finally, I’m getting tired of being level 80 without it.

Aside from working on the epic, I found some anime I had not watched yet, sent to me by a good friend. It is one of those cute girlie anime that not everyone likes since there is no blood and guts. It’s called “Zero No Tsukaima” and it’s about this girl in a magic academy (much like your Harry Potter) who fails at almost every spell she ever attempts, typically with large explosions as consequences. She’s in a second year class and they’re to summon familiars – and she summons a human as hers. I’m only on the fourth episode, and it’s typically around the 10th episode that things get interesting.

Anyhow, the whole point was – while I’m watching anime I am also typically crafting. I put the video on top of EQ2 and it’s far better to grind crafting while watching something interesting, other wise I just end up staring at the craft walls, or even worse, the 70-79 channels.

Silhouette hit level 74 carpenter, and is just reaching 75 now. Guild status is flowing again, although quite a bit slower now that we’ve reached level 21. It’s still my goal to try to hit 30, we’ll see how that goes.

Busy day today, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

7 Responses to Warden Epic Woes

  1. stargrace says:

    Some others the same friend sent me: Shining Tears X Wind, Claymore, Black Cat, Izumo, Inukami, Rosariot Vampire, and WitchBlade,

  2. Rowain says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning that anime. I’m always looking for something new to watch and started watching it yesterday.

  3. Woof says:

    Ohs… gratz on your epic bit! *cheers with pom-poms!* :)

    I sometimes wish I wasn’t so damn lazy and wanted to work on my own warden’s epic. It is definitely way kewl lookin!

  4. Woof says:

    I’d have to cast my vote for Fate/Stay Night as my all time favorite. It’s got all sorts of goodness in there. But, I’ve seen way too many series to remember all the great ones. I could list a couple dozen good series. Lots of fantastic series out there. And some horrid ones, like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now there’s the mother of all atrocious animes.

  5. Kasul says:

    I enjoyed .hack//SIGN alot, great suggestion there. Unfortunately the sequels weren’t quite as great… I couldn’t get into .hack//Legend of the Twilight and .hack//Roots almost requires you also play the games to follow everything that’s going on.

    I’m a big Fruits Basket fan myself… but don’t tell anyone! :)

  6. Mythokia says:

    You might enjoy .hack//SIGN too. The story is about a person getting trapped in an MMO, and thus, the story is easily understood by people like us. :)

  7. Tipa says:

    You might like Mahou Tsukai Tai! AKA Magic User’s Club, about the student club next door to the school manga club where they do magic… badly.

    It’s actually pretty funny :) I saw it at Fanime in San Jose years and years ago and got it on tape. Worth watching the OVA, at least, ifyou can find it anywhere.

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