The Reet goes on, and on, and on

Finally, I finished off the +40,000 faction required for the warden epic. All that’s left now, is Chelsith, which I’m looking forward to. I haven’t been in the instance very often, only a handful of times on both the troubador and the warden, never with the coercer (aside from her few epic updates). A lot of people dislike the zone due to the blobs that fly about and like to agro the group just as they’re walking beneath them – but I don’t mind at all, it keeps things exciting.

While working on my Reet faction, the small group (myself, a shadowknight, and a defiler) also stumbled across four named. I had not killed them before, so the aa alone was nice. They also all dropped ornate, one of which was the wrist piece pictured above that just screams bard (it would scream it louder if it had some intelligence on it, but hey I’ll take what I can get). Congratulations to Goudia for that nice bit. A warden master also dropped, my level 74 pet spell. Looking forward to using that.

Servers came down for their daily update, so the rest of the epic is on hold. I’m eager to get it done though and add to my epic collection.

Finished writing my third article for Beckett, and now I just have one to go. I’m of course, VERY happy about that. Managed to get screen shots together as well.

Hopefully, today I’ll be getting a new harddrive. I can’t store anything more on the one I have, and with all of the video games, well things are getting a little crowded.

I watched the fourth and fith episodes of Zero No Tsukaima, which was funny and the story is progressing along nicely. Of course the human (commoner) familiar that Louise summoned is no regular person and as he stumbles into bits of his Japanese heritage lost in this magical world, it is apparent that something big must be coming up next. Gotta say, I do love my anime, and another huge thank you to Flavius for sending it my way. I’ll have to pester for some more episodes, especially since I have more crafters to level up, hehehe.

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