A Mixed Bag

Yesterday I finally completed the warden epic. Glad to have it done? You betcha. One thing I dislike (but also understand) about the epics, is that they all follow almost exactly the same time line. However, doing this also ensures that you have multiple classes working in the same zones and areas so that they can garner interest to help as others work on their own epics. The last three portions of just about every epic match, with the names of the mobs changing slightly and perhaps a rotation between which RoK instanced zone it’s going to use.

I admit now that I didn’t read the story line too well. The first few quests didn’t especially grab me. In fact the only quest where I did read the story line in depth (aside from troubador, because I read that on Tipa’s blog as she worked on hers) was the coercer one that pulled me in (or pulled someone into me, quite literally) from the very first quest.

None the less, all of the epic quests were well done, and players should take enormous pride in completing theirs. Hopefully the level cap stays at 80 at least for one expansion so that people can actually enjoy their epics before they get replaced by the next tier of gear (unlike my soulfire, which was replaced almost right away once I’d gotten it finally).

Silhouette dinged 74-75-76 crafter (thanks to anime) and I made quite a bit of coin selling some master drops. Chelsith last night was especially friendly. Two master chests dropped (though nothing came of any use) with a bruiser master that Shadowgeist sold for 100p and a fury master that the winner will no doubt be able to sell for quite a pretty penny (their main single target nuke). A handful of ornate chests dropped and Arysh got herself an earring upgrade, which was great. Since her epic procs on critical heals, I’m trying to boost that as high as I can. Adornments should help out, a bit.

Hopefully Silhouette will get 80 carpenter before too long, then I can work on her crafting epic. Having the earring that grants run speed would be really nice. After she’s reached the maximum level I need to get Arysh to 80. Then whoever is left (there are a few). It’s always nice to have a plan!

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