Who Ordered Extra Crispy?

Pitney has some issues. Actually, Pitney has a lot of issues. I stumbled across this npc in.. I believe Lakeside County. It’s a quaint little village and wild birds seem to roam around. There’s a field not too far, and it’s been infested with worm. Not just your average worm either, oh no. That would be too easy, lay down a little pest control and you’d be set.

These worms are the people eating sort. They probably chomped on a few of the roaming birds too. I could see a chicken or a small wolf being dinner. Anyhow, Pitney has worm problems to start. So you adventure around taking care of the issue. Looking for materials to lure out the Queen worm. That’s exactly what you want to do after all, right? The little people eating worms are just not enough. Anyhow, you eventually get lead (by Pitney himself) over to the Queen worm, and hopefully don’t get smashed to bits as you take her out. The field is filled with all sorts of other critters, wolves and smaller worms. Having an AoE or two helps take things out fairly fast (or a partner in game to play with, which is my option).

After you take care of the worm incident, Pitney mentions that his prized bird has flown the coop. Or he’s been stolen, or lost, something along those lines. He wants to send YOU (brave adventurer that you are) into the catacombs, to rescue his rare bird.

Oh boy!

So off I went to Ashford Abbey (I love the traveling in guild wars, very easy — but how come when I travel me and my group mate have to disband? Every time it gets more and more annoying, is there a way around this?) I went, to go to the catacombs.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in this little zone. Spiders, and animated skeletons and other little gooey bits of fun hang out there. A lot of the necromancer quest stuff is in there. I’d already been there once to light some ritual candles and again for some other necromancer stuff. I am an elementalist with a secondary profession of necromancer, and my partner in crime (from time to time) a warrior, also with a necromancer secondary profession.

Anyhow. We meandered our way through the catacombs, had a few close calls. Oh, how do you revive if your group member forgot to swap in their revive spell? The only method I could find was to open the map and port back to town. That does not really sound right to me. Eventually, we came to a ritual room, and there in the center, was Pitney’s rare bird.

Smushed. A little pile of legs and feathers on the floor. That’s what the screen shot is showing though I’m standing in front of what’s left of him (or it). Great. So now after all that hard work I had to go back to Pitney and tell him that his rare bird (after already dealing with worms) was dead, used in some sort of necromantic scheme.

That’s right, it was me, I was feeling hungry after all that adventuring..

I think I’m sitting at level four now. Maybe part way through it. I did a few other quests, including lugging a huge honeycomb over a bridge for someone. I had to make sure I moved slowly, so that the bees could keep up. Good thing my skin is almost like plastic (oh that reminds me, I turned off the ambiance setting or whatever it was that caused my skin to glow as though I had just eaten a candle.. much better now).

Still having lots of fun with the game, for once not worried at all about the level grind – and just listening to everyone’s stories. It’s great!

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  1. Openedge1 says:

    Not sure about Factions, but Nightfall changed the travel mechanic. Whoever was leader could pick where to fast travel (mapping FTW!…GW is awesome in that respect), and they would take the whole group.
    As a matter of fact, my wife and myself just went back to the Prophecies campaign (in the world that takes place AFTER the part of the world you are in) as part of a quest in Nightfall. And we were able to fast travel together there as well.

    Maybe try this again when you are the leader and see if it changes for you. If you were the leader, then maybe it does not work until after you go to the “future”.

    As to grouping, due to the “speed” of combat, you need constant communication, so things like learning to use map drawing, map dinging and targeting features sure does help. For my wife and myself, the same room works better…
    But, if communication is lacking, grouping can be the biggest disaster in GW. Seconds is all it takes for combat to change.
    Luckily as you have stated, when you go to the “future” (hehe…can’t stop saying it), you get henchmen instead, and you can relax needing a group.

    Todays hint: Make sure to keep talking to the little girl outside OLD (past) Asclaon, do as she asks, and remember to pick flowers when you see them and give them to her…

  2. stargrace says:

    Well, to be honest, grouping is not (as far as I can tell) really supposed to be part of the game. That’s why it’s an RPG rating, and not an MMO rating. I don’t mind it at all, I’m quite content to wander around on my own hiring henchmen to do my dirty work for me for missions or hang out in a small duo (your group can’t be more then two people for all this stuff I’m doing lately).

  3. Kasul says:

    Guild wars does sound like fun, and those screenshots are amazingly beautiful. Too bad it sounds like the grouping isn’t as well done as the rest of the game. :\

    Is there more coming? I hope so!

  4. Hudson says:

    Ahh yes I remember those quests well! Fun time

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