Plane of Hate – AKA The Night of Seja

Last night, Nostalgia braved the undead dragon skeletons and other horrors that lurked in the Plane of Hate. We had a few close calls, but it was a fantastic night. Kanad joined us on his newly de-leveled shaman, and Seja had just obtained the magical number to enter the zone (46) on his enchanter, so we had a few new faces. Which was great, because again we were slightly short and ended up with a few extra spots. Our second tank / zerker was not there nor was our beastlord (aside from my box). Our groups consisted of uber tank Tipa, Callendra, Sisca, and Mantis in one group (I apologize now if I’ve spelled all of your names incorrectly, it’s early and I am horrible with names) in the other group we had Warmungar, Seja, Kanad, Coldheat (who kept having connection issues, poor guy) and myself (I boxed my beastlord and druid for some extra dps).

Since the zone was not a hotzone, and in fact is still categorized as a raid zone (and has a 5 minute cool down before you start regenerate power properly, ew) things were slow going. The big winner of the night was Seja, who managed to get every piece of gear upgrade I believe, and it was really nice to see things dropping that people could actually use for once. He also gained a handful of levels.

Our cap has been raised to level 60, so I have levels to gain again as well. Hopefully I’ll get one or two throughout the course of the week. I’ve been teaming up with Kanad for experience, and have been having fun in more of the old zones, like Griegs End that we went through yesterday. Also not a hot zone, but the experience was not too bad. Qutey is now at 22aa and part way into level 56. Nala is 70% through level 55, and has 21aa. Ellithia, who I de-leveled hit 102aa yesterday in GE with Kanad.

I’m thinking of teaming up the cleric and enchanter with Kanad just to farm aa some place. She really needs the salvage crafting aa, as well as the final rank to her jewel crafting mastery. It’s getting painful failing combines so often. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

Most people I know are at Fan Faire this weekend, alas I could not make it. Perhaps next year! I hope everyone has a lot of fun.

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