Fan Faire Reveals EQ2 Guild Hall Information

By now it’s all the news, on various blogs and Eq2flames (which I pretty much avoid aside from their class section forums) all of the information about guild halls. Three tiers, the first one being framed after the 5-room homes we can already purchase at guild level 30. Of course these guild halls have extra bonus’ like being able to gate to them with a recall to guild spell (an amenity you purchase later), and npc for various things. The T1 guild hall is going to cost 100p which is not too bad, Nostalgia has saved up over 160p towards a guild hall to begin with. What we lack are the guild levels. You’ll need guild level 30 for the first hall, 50 for the second tier, and 70 for the third. The cost of the first hall may be 100p with a 1p a week upkeep along with 100k personal status a week, but the second hall costs 500p with 5p a week upkeep and 150k personal status.

The third hall is a castle, with 25 rooms, underground docks and some very specific set rooms in it. It will cost 1000p (not that big of a deal to raiding guilds), 10p a week upkeep, and 200,000 personal status rent.

Furniture will NOT affect the rent.

You’ll have a choice (at release, this may get expanded later) of 42 amenities, and here’s a very short list of them:

  • Call of Guild Hall
  • Mariner’s Bell (T3 hall only)
  • Druid NPC to ports
  • Complete Tradeskill setup including writ givers and merchants
  • Tradeskill Supply Depot — store materials and fuels for tradeskilling in guild hall
  • Mender Bot
  • Intraguild Broker — place items on broker that only guild can buy
  • 1 Raid Strategist Tactical Rally Banner — drop flag at zone to raid (2 hour lifespan)
  • 5 teleporters can be placed in guild hall to teleport
  • Set race and clothes of all house npcs (hirelings) via. mannequin system
  • House Broker (flat 20%? not real clear)
  • Guild Cloak Designer
  • Creature Conjurer — summon mobs for practice fighting
  • Tradeskill Table
  • Courtyard Statue Sentry
  • Carpet to Sinking Sands

For a better list of goodies and for frequent Fan Faire updates, you can check out this blog here that was put up specifically for the FF.

I had hopes of Nostalgia purchasing a 10 room guild hall (tier2) but I think due to our size the costs would be too much. Not to mention it will be quite some time before we ever hit guild level 50. We’re just barely past level 22 currently.

However, at least there is a guild hall available to us at all. We will be purchasing the T1 one, and starting off with getting the recall to guild hall spell and then working towards purchasing all of the crafting goodies, since I’m pretty sure every Nostalgian crafts. We’ll see what comes next after that.

3 Responses to Fan Faire Reveals EQ2 Guild Hall Information

  1. Marilyn says:

    In view of the comments that some guilds struggle to reach level 30, I would like to mention that our guild “One Tankard short of a Raid” has reached that target earlier this year with just 6 “basic” (alts not counted) members, and that we intend to purchase a Tier 1 guild hall and amenities without too much of a struggle. This should encourage other guilds to do likewise.
    Marilyn (Guild Leader)

  2. Kasul says:

    There’s no doubt we’ll get to level 30, we’re only getting started doing HQs and leveling crafters. It is a shame though, looks like they designed the guild halls with well established guilds in mind, leaving new growth to hope and dream.

  3. Openedge1 says:

    I also think you guys being a new guild can be one of the few to make it past level 20.
    I remember everyday seeing new guilds being announced in the server channels, and so many guilds dinging level 20..

    Yet, they never survived.

    Hope you guys get to 30, and get the Guild Hall. Please post pics as well. They should be cool. But, with the skeletal revamp gone, I do not see myself ever going back to EQ2.
    My computer is a monster, yet runs EQ2 worse the Age of Conan…that was sad.
    Skeletal’s were to fix some issues with models and collision detection. Ah well….

    Cheers to ya

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