Carpenter hits level 80 – Epic Completed

Silhouette, some 2,000+ crafted items later (since eq2players has not updated since she was level 76) finally managed to hit level 80 as a carpenter. Of course as soon as I hit 80 I began working on the crafter epic. Not only so I could located the red shinies that are out there (and any future ones) but also because I wanted the 45% run speed that comes along with the earring. It’s a big deal to me, especially when there’s no way I can afford mounts for all my characters, and I’m reluctant to spend a lot of time using up totems.

A huge thank you to everyone (mostly Albrta and Eyenstein) who made the other 8 items I needed for the epic quest. That makes my fourth crafter to hit level 80, and the third to complete the epic. My 60 necromancer / 80 sage has been procrastinating because I’m reluctant to grind out Bathezid Watch faction for her to be able to do the quest. I may level her, some day. Completing faction the ‘adventuring’ way seems a much safer method.

Once the epic was completed, of course I put the new pretties in my house and I’m sporting the new cloak. Silhouette is my first 80/80 and with any luck she’ll become my first 80/80/140. It’s a big goal for me, since this entire expansion I’ve floundered from character to character.

Shadowgeist, Eyenstein, Albrta, a fury, and an assassin, as well as myself headed to VoES (Vaults of Eternal Sleep) to hunt for some items. Nothing dropped – I’m after the secondary item of course with the proc on it. Forget the full name but it ends in guard. After we cleared that zone (I did get a chest upgrade, but just legendary and nothing to write home about) we headed to Maidens, and cleared that with no issues. The first named of course killed me, it always does. For some reason no matter if I’m in front or behind or at the side, I manage to get hit with tail lash. Not fun. I was hoping that the fabled robe would drop. Alas my luck held true and we got legendary. An assassin master did drop, but just before I got excited for the person in group he mentioned he already had it.

Dang it.

One of these days, something will drop that is an upgrade.

It’s nice to be completing goals again. I want to get Silhouette the rest of her aa, and maybe a few more crafters to 80. Of course I want to help Nostalgia reach level 30. We’re 70% through level 22 currently, Silhouette sitting at 276,678 guild status. Tomorrow’s going to be one of those annoying busy days (not that this weekend wasn’t, I had real life to attend to for the better part of the day of course) and I hope in the mean time that everyone had an amazing weekend.

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  1. stargrace says:

    I always make everything at least once for the pristine bonus – once that’s been used up (because you run out fast) I grind guild writs – since those reward not only the experience of making the item itself, but also a bonus experience once you turn in the writ. Not to mention it helps earn faction, and level my guild.

  2. Prezzer says:

    Nice work! Mind if a newb Carpenter (indeed newb Tradeskiller) asks a question? Do you find faster progression by repeatedly making large bundles of the same item over and over (ie. cutting down potential harvesting time simce you’d be using large batches of the same materials), or by continually building new items once in order to get the bonus for ‘Creating Your First Whatchamacallit’? At least at the earlier levels (I’ve just hit 20 and chosen Carpentry), I expect you run out of ‘new’ recipes quite quickly?

  3. saylah says:


  4. Crookshankz says:

    I was wondering what a nice girl like Silhouette was doing in a bad place like Rivervale! GRATZ on your Epic!!!

  5. stargrace says:

    Yeah, it will be Vlcan – but since that’s still a few months off, I’ll be happy for now with 80/80/140

  6. Vlcan says:

    Woot! Big Gratz! I never had a doubt you could do it. :-)

    Is the new benchmark with the expansion now going to be 80/80/200?

  7. Ogrebears says:

    Grats, i have yet to finish an epic

  8. Kasul says:

    Sounds like a great weekend, even without great loot. Congratulations on 80/80, and the tradeskill epic!

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