Decorating Days

Since Silhouette is level 80 now, it means I can craft a lot of items for her home. Up until today I’d still only completed the library, and even that is a work in progress since it requires lots of books that I’ve yet to quest for. I decided today I’d decorate the main entrance of her home, and I wanted something a little different then the other homes I’ve decorated.

So I turned the room into a garden area, with a small black indium fence around it.

Flowers and trees surround three fountains, and a little tent to relax under, where someone’s already been camping.

The room has about 100 items in it, which is on target since the library also has 100 items. That’s two rooms complete now out of five – though I may just leave one locked up and empty. I’m planning on turning the room to the left of the entrance into a sales area and maybe a kitchen with dining. We’ll just have to see!

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  1. jsquirrel says:

    Okay, ya got me there. The beds *would* look good in the human and froglok thrall quarters of an Iksar or Tier’Dal abode.

    I take offense at your Ratonga hovel comment, though. Ratonga are all /about/ style. =>

  2. stargrace says:

    Of course people want to make it…..
    What about the trolls and ogres in the game? The ratongas and their hovels?

    Just because one person finds it distasteful, doesn’t mean that an entire game worth of folks do. There’s plenty of ‘goodie’ decorating ideas out there, it’s nice to have some stuff that’s a little gross for the less cultured races.

  3. jsquirrel says:

    .. but it’s… dirty, and looks like someone couldn’t hold their bladder. It doesn’t make any sense for someone to want to make it. If they wanted to reintroduce the item back into the game as a crafted item, they should’ve at least painted over that disgusting stain in the texture.

    Though, it’s what, a level 2 item? I doubt anyone will make it more than once, and they’ll probably vendor it anyway. — Oh, it’s a level 21 item? COMPLETELY STUPID.

    It’s these thousands of papercuts that slay EQ2 for me, or at least make me grumble when it comes time to resubscribe.

  4. stargrace says:

    The dirty bedroll is now just a low level carpenter made item – when they removed the quest, they added it later there.

  5. jsquirrel says:

    Looks good. What have they tagged that ‘a dirty bedroll’ as nowadays? I remember that used to be the quest reward from that scummy Erudite landlord’s newbie quest in the Stonestair Byway. He had you go over to another building there and evict a poor squatter. I did it on all my toons, since that was the only free bed item you could get back then.

  6. Gnewton says:

    Unbelievable Star. It’s amazing!!!

  7. Kasul says:

    Your garden looks great! It’s the little touches that really bring it to life… I loved the flames of anguish spirits floating up and through the fountain above the pillars. Very, very nice. :) Can’t wait to see how the rest of the house will turn out.

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