Mythical Updates in Protectors Realm

It never fails to happen – once I settle on a main, something comes up that has me playing one of my other level 80 characters. I suppose it’s not that big of a deal, at least I’m playing after all. Right? Last night was no different. I spent most of the evening working on the Thuuga chain of quests for Silhouette. I’ve completed the quest three times already, once for the 80 warden, again for the 80 troubador, and for the 77 templar. Silhouette however, being the huge slacker she is, went without.

The fabled item is really nice though and there’s no excuse not to have it. Before heading off to do that I finished off the Waste Hunter chain of repeatable quests as well. I was hoping for an impressive bit of jewelery like the warden got – but instead my cloth options were forearms and sleeves, both of which I had better of already. Ah well.

I was about to call it a night, since it was already getting close to midnight, when a friend asked if I wanted to tag along on a Protectors Realm run just for fun. I said sure, they were short a healer or two (though I am sure they could have done just fine without me) and off I went. The zone was cleared easily, I didn’t die (thankfully, I always find it embarrassing when I get pummeled by an AoE as a guest on a raid – but maybe that’s just me) and once the final encounter was downed I noticed there was a little bit of loot designated to me. No, not a piece of gear.

It was the first update to my mythical, and I didn’t even know I needed it. I didn’t check ahead of time and had no inclination of ever working on my mythical unless I joined a raid guild. So I examined the little elemental sphere that dropped in my inventory, and ta da, first update done. The next one is Overking, and the final one is the Cinder Queen in Veeshan’s Peek. Since my warden is not even flagged for VP, and it’s rare that anyone really needs a druid, I’m content with this one step, for now.

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