Goudia Now Sings Sad Songs

A screenshot of Grover (Goudia’s pet) looking on quizzically, wondering what they were doing in Qeynos, what had happened to Goudia’s fancy blue cap, and why she was wielding some lower class weapon as opposed to the highly sought after troubador epic.

Could it be?

That’s right. I betrayed my level 80 troubador over to a dirge yesterday.


Well. I actually had some very valid reasons, aside from just being bored of the troubador. I enjoy a few of my other level 80’s more then I enjoy the bard – and while the troubador is quite sought after for raids, the same can not be said at this point in time for general groups. Since I don’t belong to an overly populated guild always running instances, my characters thrive on whatever they can find. Which, for the troubador was surprisingly little. Dirges get a m2 hate transfer choice at level 60 that doesn’t get an upgrade (I discovered that yesterday). They get two forms of rez (single target and group). They get a parry buff (more important then a defense buff which troubs get and is easier for tanks to cap out) and melee procs (seems to be more fighters and scouts these day then mages, and even healers are melee-ing it up). Dirges also get stoneskin, which makes any fight better – troubadors? They get a spell proc (only helpful to those spell casters and a few fighter taunts will proc it), they get jesters, which is nice but so is the 20% increased proc chance from troubs. Nothing about the troubador really stood out to me to make it better in a GROUP situation.

So I betrayed, to be a better group member. Plus why not, I may as well. I did end up spending 80p on loams for all my skills again, and I’ll have to do the dirge epic since my troubador one gets to collect dust in my bank. No, I’m not selling it – just in case. No doubt some where down the road I’ll betray Goudia back. This is not the first time after all.

After making all my skills, and looking through all of my new aa, I’m happy with the choice. I’m still a bard at least, and I’m playing my other characters more these days anyhow. We’ll see how it goes!

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