The Million Goblin March

Yesterday I managed to complete the Thuuga chain of quests for the fourth time, this time Silhouette being the one to earn the fancy fabled wrist piece. The spell crits are really nice, not to mention the health and power on the item. I adorned it, and bought a few other adornments to try to ensure a little more survivability. I’m not certain yet if it helped that much, but they were just treasured adornments that are easy to obtain.

The screen shot is Silhouette being trained (by the handy shadowknight of course) through the mines to reach the final named that she needed. Sure, I could have killed my way there but what fun is that? The quest is very easy for players to complete, and can be solo’d at least by the classes I’ve completed it with thus far. I wouldn’t want to solo it with a healer since it would probably take all day just to kill through the mines.

Clockwork Gamer created this amazing little guildhall cost calculator, be sure to check their site out and figure out how much status and coin (maybe even someone’s first born thrown in there from the looks of things) your own hall will cost you. I worked out the details for Nostalgia – and was surprised that we will at least be ready by the time the halls go live. The total initial cost to purchase the hall itself as well as our five chosen amenities will be:

121p and 14,000,000 status

The weekly upkeep will only be 1p95g and 130,000 status which is really not too bad at all. The amenities I picked were fairly simple. We obviously need the recall to guild hall item, as well as the banker, a fuel merchant, rush order writs, and I went with an npc who will port to the druid rings since that gives us a variety of areas to head to without splurging on bells and spires and what not. Once we hit guild level 35 (we still need to hit level 30 first, we’re creeping up on 23) we can add two more amenities, again for a cost.

I’m actually not upset about the cost. I know players and guilds who can afford the T3 halls plus amenities. Maybe not the status, but one has to remember that these guildhalls are supposed to be extravagant, they’re supposed to be for those who worked hard and the longer your guild has been around, with dedicated people, the better. Nostalgia has only been active since April, and the EQ2 branch only since May. What we’ve accomplished in the few months has been great, and had we been active since the release of EQ2, we’d be even further along. Incentive for players, I hope.

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