For those of you who have asked, or are curious about my thoughts on WAR (Warhammer, of course) and whether or not I’ll be playing – I honestly haven’t decided yet. I’m not oblivious to the huge amount of information out there, or the sites dedicated to the game, nor have I lived under a rock these past few months and indeed years while hype for the game has built up.

I write about what I’m playing (for the most part) and my own personal experiences within whatever game – which at this moment is not WAR.

I’m happy with EverQuestII right now. Very happy in fact. I have things to do on multiple characters, guildhalls are coming out and I’m working hard towards that. I’ve never really been much for PvP or RvR or whatever they’re calling it, so that’s not a pull to any game for me personally. I’ve heard good and bad – everyone has their own thoughts and opinions. I’m not taking any sides, I just listen to it all and when – if – I decide to play, I’ll form my own conclusions.

With the EQII expansion coming out in November, and my current satisfication with how things are going, it seems pretty slim that I’ll be headed over to the WAR table quite yet. One never knows though – I said the same thing about EQ2 when it released, from my blog about EQ1. We’ll just have to wait and see. I never tried AoC (nor do I intend to it just didn’t appeal to me personally) and maybe this’ll just be another one of those games I live vicariously through someone else’ writing.

6 Responses to WAR?

  1. Zeggle says:

    Woooooo dear me it’s Paradigms lol

  2. Zeggle says:

    I think you have maticously placed your house hold items to such a degree that the paradymes of order envolope in beauty :D
    Oh yea WarHammer, well i’v played eq2 AoC and Lineage2 and built up quite an empire on L2 like you have on eq2 but!!!! L2 isn’t eq2 and i have decided to join the WarHammer crowds and try it out in the hope it’s going to keep me greatly interested.
    Have fun what ever you playing :)

  3. Openedge1 says:

    Station Pass gone then…wow.
    Do you at least plan to trial the island when it is released for GU6?
    I did see some of the model upgrades and they did not look too good, but who knows. If the customization is back, people may be able to make pretty characters again.

    As to Guild Wars…that is the best part. You are not required to log in to make it worth your money, as it is yours as long as they exist…lol.
    I think the subscription model is making me think twice about standard MMO’s (besides the repetition of kill 10, gathering quests, etc.). If some game comes and tries something new (like cash shop would be ok…IF it was a good game), then it could revolutionize the genre.
    Chronicles of Spellborn with their new model in the USA is a hopeful..

  4. stargrace says:

    I actually just canceled my station pass, but you’re right about the guild wars bit, which is a GREAT FREE game to play when I’m feeling a little worn down about EQ2 (or EQ1 for that matter). It’s like a ps3 game that I can turn on and play and enjoy – even if I haven’t played much of it this week (I plan on it!)

  5. Openedge1 says:

    And of course you have that FREE Guild Wars account to play when you need a break…
    I also assume you are on Station Pass, and with Vanguard GU6 coming, you have that to back you up..
    You are too busy for WAR (lol)

    WAR will not be that special for you I think.
    Enjoy yourself and have fun!

  6. Hudson says:

    You seem pretty entrenched in EQ2 and still having fun in it, so in no way would anyone fault you for not switching or leaving it. It seems whenever another MMO comes out everyone expects people to jump ship or leave what they are playing. My case is that I havent been happy in ANY MMO but the WAR beta lately, and for that matter havent found anything to match EQ1 since its peak. BUT WAR has come close, and I did use to love DAOC.

    So in short, despite my rambling, stay where you are since you are having so much fun!

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