Old School Sebilis meets old school Nostalgia

Sebilis was built by Venril Sathir during the height of the Iksar Empire, and was once a stronghold for the Iksars of Kunark. Following the death of Emperor Ganak and a steady onslaught of slave uprisings, goblin invasions, and forest giant attacks, the Iksar Empire declined in power. Trakanon dealt one of the final blows to the Empire, destroying the city of Sebilis, and was himself mortally wounded as a result. Presently, the ruins of Old Sebilis are occupied by a clan of Frogloks. Iksar skeletons and ghouls roam the city’s old burial grounds while a poisonous, undead Trakanon can be found in a lair far below the main city.

Many years following their stronghold’s destruction, the Iksars established themselves in Cabilis, far west from the site of a dark moment in their history.

Anyone at least 46th level can zone into Sebilis without a key. The old Key to Sebilis quest is still active, but is now optional (though required if you are under 46). – Allakhazam

We were going to head to the Plane of Storms, however there’s still a level requirement for the zone, though we’re not sure what it is (it used to be 55, it may have been lowered over the past four years though). Instead, we headed to Old Sebilis (which begs the question, where is the NEW sebilis? Or is Cabilis the new Sebilis?) Sorry that the screen shot is not any better but for some reason I’ve forgotten how to take screen shots in EQ1. Yes, I’m being serious. So those were taken quickly by me with Xfire (have I mentioned yet how much I love that little handy program?) and they’re not the best, I know.

We had our usual mish mash of people, Mantis (enchanter), Seja(l) (enchanter), Tipa (ranger), Sisco (monk), Callendra (druid), Coldheat (druid), Kanad (shaman), Tasukiko (warrior), and myself as Qutey (druid). I left Nala at home, deciding I honestly didn’t feel like boxing my way through Sebilis. If anyone out there feels like joining our Nostalgia guild and playing Friday nights with us, around level 50-60 PLEASE don’t hesitate to let one of us know – we could certainly use more people, a second tank and some dps (a rogue, my life for a rogue!) would be awesome. I realize it’s a little difficult since we do only play once a week, but the people make it well worth it.

We got a lot of spells, took down some golems, had some wipes. People got levels though the experience for a hot zone really sucked. That’s right I said it! It also slowed down once we formed a raid – but honestly, we don’t have quite enough people to make two proper balanced groups without having one lack dps and take forever to kill things which is a shame.

For those who only know the EverQuestII Sebilis, the EQ1 version is exactly the same. You even swim down the same tunnels to get to the basement. I had an amazing time as always even though I had to leave early – and hopefully next time we meet (next week is cancelled due to it being a long weekend and folks will be away) we’re off to Plane of Storms!

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