Gaming in EQII has Never Been Better

So much happened yesterday in game that I barely know where to start. First of all, it was Saturday, and for those few who follow my ramblings, that meant it was ‘guild status Saturday’ where I would be running heritage quests and writs and whatever else came my way in order to help push Nostalgia 2.0 to level 30 before guild halls come out in September. We’re currently 37% into level 23 which is not too bad, though we have a LOT of work to go still.

So that’s how it was that Vlcan, Kasul (on his coercer alt), Bloodpact (shadowgeist on his necromancer alt) and myself (on my monk alt) headed to Kelethin to work together to completed “In honor and service” the level 17 heritage quest given. The quest was a lot of fun, and we mentored down to level 20 to complete it since we were a little big. There is only one heroic encounter in the entire thing, so perhaps it was overkill. Vlcan, being new to EQ2, had no idea about the concept of ‘place holders’ and was curious why our named were simply not just there waiting for us to slaughter them. It was fun to explain ‘camps’ and how things worked.

Running this heritage quest was a big deal – Nostalgia is VERY small. We have perhaps four active members, and 17 members total (plus their alts). It was the first ‘event’ we’d run and even though only four of us showed up – I had a blast and we will be running more of these. Kasul had to leave early, but finished up the HQ when he got home.

Aside from that, the one and only, world famous, Tipa moved to Najena on her level 80 troubador. Before that though, Shadowgeist asked if Kasul and some friends wanted to do some old T7 instances. We headed to Barren Sky to do Vaults, and the coercer hat dropped there – which if you haven’t seen, is pretty cool looking. It has an eye in the center of it and shock waves surround it in a pretty interesting effect. Yes, even though I was well beyond the level of the hat, I rolled need on it. It just looked too cool! We headed to Vaults with Tipa (on her 68 necromancer), Eyenstein (playing his defiler), Kasul (as himself, go figure!) Shadowgeist (also as himself!) and me playing Silhouette. Of course after we’d finished the instance I realized I should have brought Stargrace, who needs experience. Ah well, we decided to head to Den of the Devourer afterward in Bonemire, another instance rarely done these days.

That was not the end of the excitement, oh no. Remember also that at the end of each instance, the named now gives a little guild status, so that worked out well.

Later on in the day, I headed to Crypt of Agony, Vaults of Eternal Sleep, Maidens Chamber, and Chelsith. The first three instances I did on Silhouette, and she FINALLY got the drop I’ve been waiting in VoES forever, the fabled symbol with the mental proc on it. I’d been hoping for it to drop for a long time now, and my gracious group members declined so that I could roll need. A fury and conjuror in the group could have made use of it — but that is the pleasure of running instances with friends.

The final instance, Chelsith, I ran on Arysh (warden) who managed to get a nice neck upgrade, as well as a chest piece (which is not an upgrade at the moment, but is part of a set bonus and if I get one more piece, it will be an upgrade).

After all THAT was finally done – I got a level on Goudia pushing her to 28 alchemist. It is double experience weekend after all.

No doubt I’ve left out a fact or two here and there, but it was such an amazing day I doubt it matters much. Honestly, this is why I play the game. Good friends. Good fun. I’m hoping to gain some more crafter levels today and just take it easy, we’ll see how it goes!

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