Taking it all in

You may have read that Everfrost is getting a revamp in the next game update. If you have not, be sure to check out the details on the eq2players pages here. I like it when zones get revamped, and I think in a game like Eq2 where new content is constantly being added and where old zones become just that – old, it’s important or else your player base only sees a small fraction of the zones that they could potentially visit, because well, why bother. Thus has been the case for Everfrost for some time now. It’s a beautiful zone, but there’s not a heck of a lot to do there. I decided before the revamp I’d take a peek through and complete the quests that are currently there on my level 80 coercer. After all, you still gain aa for completing quests and I was getting roughly 5-10% per quest still. For grey encounters, that’s not too bad.

There was one quest given to me by a gravestone on an island not too far from the zone in that I recalled very well. It had me searching the ocean floor for these little rose gems, five of them, and collecting them. Except the dang things were always almost impossible to see, and there’s no real set location for them they just spawn randomly in the water along the floor. I had the quest on my character back when 50 was the level cap, and still had it on me if that’s any indication of how much I disliked this quest. I’d never completed it before.

The little gems are still difficult to find, but at least now they show up almost as pitch black against the ocean floor, so you’re less likely to pass over top of one. These quests have no actual reward – but if you complete them all I believe they unlock one of the instances in the zone that lost the keyed requirement some time ago. Ah well, it was still aa.

I did a lot of crafting this weekend, it was great. My woodworker got from 73 to 75, my alchemist from 1-30 and my armorer (who used to be a tailor) from 1-23. I also decided to start a paladin on my second account. Now this probably will not last, after all in the four years I’ve played EverQuestII (or EQ Live for that matter) I have never really played a tank, but I noticed that Nostalgia doesn’t have one in EQ2, and well, it would be nice to have one. Plus the tank I typically play with could probably use a break from time to time in order to play his own alts, and having a tank for that purpose would be great too. I know, I’m just getting back into having alts again and that’s bad bad, right? Ah well, as long as I’m having fun.

I played some guild wars this weekend as well, more about that later though.

As a completely unrelated topic. I just wanted to say that folks need to remember from time to time that gamers, are people too. I realize that not everyone out there is nice, and that there’s plenty of lashing out that goes on online. Much of it in game. That E-Peens are waved comments traded and insults made. However. Why lower yourself to someone else’ level when you know you are better then that. If someone is insulting you or lashing out or doing some other hair brained thing – just remember that they’re a person too. Maybe they’re going through something difficult, or maybe they’re having issues in their lives, there’s no real way to tell. Does that excuse their behavior? No of course not, but before you decide to fight fire with fire – maybe just take a second to be the better person and back down from it. I don’t understand some times how that could possibly be so difficult. It’s a game, after all.

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  1. Well said Stargrace! An excellent blog, as usual.

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