Ding, 80 Woodworker (finally)

This morning I finally managed to drag myself through the last two levels of my woodworking. My woodworker had basically been at a stand still since level 74, I just could not motivate myself to level her. However, with the upcoming guildhalls nearing I knew I could make good use of the status from grinding out rush order writs. T8 rewards over 1,000 guild status each writ, with the level 79 ones rewarding 1,500+ guild status a pop. I can complete them in four minutes, so that’s a lot of potential status in a relatively short amount of time.

I had three experience potions left, and I made use of them for each level. I typically save them for the last 10 levels, and it takes me a little less then an hour (without vitality) to level through as long as I stick to rush orders. The little bit of experience you get upon completion is fantastic, and another one of the main reasons I stick to doing writs.

Nostalgia is inching through level 24 now, I’d like to hit 25 before the 1st of September, and then aim for one level a week. I haven’t decided quite yet if that’s reasonable or not. We hit level 23 on the 21st of August, then 24 on the 25th, far less then a week between levels there. I’m hoping the same will hold true for level 25. The issue for me now is of course, my crafters (the remaining ones at least) are fairly low level, their status output is reduced, and I don’t enjoy grinding writs on characters who are already level 80, I’d rather do it for progression.

As far as crafters go, that leaves me with:

  • 80 – Sage
  • 80 – Jeweler
  • 80 – Woodworker
  • 80 – Provisioner
  • 80 – Carpenter
  • 30 – Alchemist
  • 20 – Armorer

The sage and woodworker have not yet completed their epics. I need to harvest some T5 rares for them first before I can continue. No way am I paying what people want on the broker these days.

I also managed to level my little paladin to 23 yesterday. She picked up lots of adepts and masters along the way – and I’ve found one small annoyance with the 1-20 smart loot system that was implimented last update. Since there’s a fairly good chance that any adept that drops will be something you can actually use – there is a decrease of adepts on the broker. It’s rare to get a useless one these days. So the paladin level 1-20 adepts that I did see on the broker were going for upwards of 5 gold each, I even saw some priced at 20g each. These are lowbie items that get replaced fast, but since I had been soloing I wanted to make sure I would be well equipped. I imagine I’ll make her a nice set of steel to wear, and perhaps also work on her class armor quests just for the appearance of it. We’ll see!

5 Responses to Ding, 80 Woodworker (finally)

  1. Ogrebears says:

    Grats you got way more patients than i do.

  2. Kasul says:

    Congrats! *cheer*

  3. loredena says:

    Congratulations! Serrennial decided she wanted 30k faction with Ironforge, and in the process of grinding that out she dinged 76, 77, and 78. So, time to top up her harvesting skills and head off to Kunark methinks! She’ll be my first to hit 80, so I’m impressed with how many you’ve gotten there so far

  4. Woof says:

    *cheers with pom-poms!* Gratz on your 80 Woody! Yay! :)

  5. Tipa says:

    Mega grats :)

    Soon as I get some more vitality I’ll be back to the loom grinding out some more writs, helping out.

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