More Everfrost Quests

Daelic had sent Silhouette into the icy depths to recover some soggy bones, from his missing crew. Why on earth the ghost wanted them back (a proper burial maybe) I had no clue, but that’s what I spent a portion of my evening doing. Checking the ocean floor, looking for bones. This quest was far easier then the previous ocean floor one I’d finished, being able to tab the bones makes all the difference in the world.

I decided to go back to Everfrost last night and finish off a few more of the quests there before the zone is revamped. Who knows if the old quests will remain, or if they’ll be completely redoing everything already in the zone. Since they’re adding new quest hubs I’m sure there will be some new things for me to complete as well.

Aside from that, my evening was quiet. I talked to Tipa and Kasul in guild before going to bed early, I’ve been under the weather with the flu lately and sleep is always a good thing.

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  1. loredena says:

    The new plushies from EF are apparently aimed at the house decorators who have been making aquariums. Since I love aquariums myself, I’m excited to check them out. And I’m leveling a new mystic, so having the EF quests revamped will give us a good reason to go there :)

  2. Kasul says:

    Hope you feel better soon! :(

    It’d be better if you could see further than a few meters in front of your face under the water, but of course you can’t. I did find the bones more easily than the gems, probably because the bones display the name over them. :)

    Looking forward to the revamp, will be nice to see Everfrost with people again.

  3. Gnewton says:

    Get feeling better Star!!!

    Hopefully I’ll see you online this weekend… I’m in training at Lake Tahoe (rough duty, I know :)) this week and won’t be online until Saturday at the earliest.

    /hugs from Gnewt :)

  4. Lader says:

    from what i hear, the new quests on test reward new house items. octopus, shark and one other little nonmoving housepet (like the tiger/beaver) from what i understant.

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