Goudia’s Ratonga Hovel

After working most of the day on Tipa’s new theater (complete with stage and cafe style seating with bar) I decided to unpack Goudia a little bit and maybe start working on her Ratonga hovel. I have plans of a cave-like bedroom made out of Oggok tables and chairs but so far it’s just an idea. I get ideas from Norrathian Homeshow for most of what I build these days, and adapt them where I see fit. So I can’t be given all of the credit. It’s quite common for decorators to share their ideas within the forums though and see how other people use them.

I really did have an amazing time building Tipa’s room though. Theme rooms are easier then just “build me a house” type rooms where I feel obligated to do the same thing over and over. Kitchen, bedroom, library, etc. You know, the common things you find within a home.

Anyhow. This is Goudia’s library. I should work on Silhouette’s library, Malfi was visiting today and commented on how bare the shelves look at the moment. I have a quirk about having duplicates of books in my homes – it doesn’t happen. In fact if I think I may have a double, I go through the list of items from the doorway and remove one so that I don’t have doubles any more. There are hundreds of books in game, from the L&L to the specialty books that are no longer available. I’ve missed out on a bunch of them too, but I still love collecting.

I wasn’t going to post about housing today, but I simply couldn’t help it!

Looking forward to another great weekend, an extra long one at that!

4 Responses to Goudia’s Ratonga Hovel

  1. Goubit says:

    Hey, I’m new at EQ2, more or less. My only toon is at 28 and I have the xp turned off the last few lvls if that tells you anything. I’m going slow. Only ten days into the game.

    But anyway, I’m fascinated by your housing descriptions. Do you mean to tell me you can build the inside of your house however you want it, putting a dining room here and a theater there? All I’ve ever seen are premade houses, stock for everyone. Do tell.

  2. Hi, I’m Matteo Anelli from Ars Ludica, I’d like to interview you, please contact me at the E-Mail provided in this comment!

  3. Kasul says:

    No pictures of the theater? Building suspense for when it’s finished? Hehe! :)

    Can’t wait to see more of Goudia’s house, and hear your plans for Silhouette’s library (which is fabulous by the way!) :)

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